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sweet like honey

Aika Fujiwara (藤原愛華) (Eye-Kah • Foo-Ji-Waa-Rah)
Tall (34)
Fur Color
Ink-splashed snow
Sex & Gender
Very Light (97)
5 years (2018-11-14)
The Sweetness of the Fujiwara Dynasty


— Headshot by Summer
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Injuries: Currently, Aika is uninjured and healthy.

A snow-splashed beauty who travels upon ivory toes, though otherwise drenched in ebony, Aika likes to think of herself as the "inken princess," who bares some of the most black in her pale quintet. Her build is crane-like, akin to her eldest sister, though her fur billows and whips in the wind, giving her an air of whimsical elegance. Like a disney princess, something about her screams "royalty," whether it be the way she looks at you, or the way her stride is both that of importance, and pride.

With eyes like midnight, Aika gazes upon her sisters subjects with a purple-blue vision. She blinks with long, sweeping lashes, and is unknowingly the classic Damsel in Distress. Luckily, no major scars litter her body as of yet. A few small scrapes loiter amongst her pristine canvas of a body, though she doesn't seem too keen on discussing them…

Smells of Wisteria and Beach-salt



Sympathetic - Affectionate - Gentle - Patient

Anxious - Sensitive - Cowardly - Naïve

When she was being created in the Character Maker 3000, a good amount of sugar was added to her personality – roughly 70 pounds. Aika is a happy-go-lucky woman, though she occasionally turns to acknowledge that not everything is okay all the time; when she does, though, she does her best to fix it, instead of realising that it's probably not worth it to try and move an immovable force.

Aika will forever try her hardest, though, which will lead in perpetual burnout and a slowly festering feeling of one-sidedness…

She's the anxious type, though, constantly paranoid that something will somehow, miraculously go wrong, or that her feelings in some way will be either; a) for nothing, or b) not reciprocated. The lady is always worried that something'll happen no matter what, and no matter how often she's reassured that everything will be fine. Though, she's also sensitive, so if someone plays off her anxiety like it's nothing to be worried about, she really takes it to heart and usually thinks that the person trying to comfort her actually think she's being… silly.

Aika's trying to work on it, really.
— Headshot by Sauwce

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"Feeling like everything's okay,"


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Everything was… perfect.

Aika had been born to the Emperor and Empress of the Fujiwara Clan, alongside her three sisters – Izumi, Hikari and Chiharu – and her brother, Taro. Aika was the youngest of the four, being the last born (though not the smallest, that place was saved for Hikari) of the quintet. She'd always been the baby sister, the one that needed to be protected, so she often sought Honoka to find respite within. As a little girl, she'd talk about how she planned to have a loving husband with a big family and her perfect wedding, going into detail with her mothers handmaid. Honoka listened, or at least, Aika liked to think that she listened. Everything felt good.

Everything felt fine. Balanced. Until Homura came.

He and his men reigned their terror, the night of their arrival foretold by a moon drenched in blood, just as that night would come to be. Unfortunately, the young Fujiwara girl hadn't found herself able to survive that night, and by chance she found herself in Canis, awake and alive once more after dying that very night. Now, she roams the lands, blessed to have been given a fresh new chance to start anew in these strange, odd lands. Though, she's grateful nonetheless. Aika is usually bound by her pack's territorial claim to The Cosmic Isle, where the newly reformed Fujiwara Dynasty (led by her sister) takes refuge.

[Image: df6exf2-f6d4ffb3-b50c-48ad-90ec-26eeada789ea.gif]

She awakes, stumbling across a watering hole, where she finds her sister unleashing her fury after an incident that Aika has since never been made aware of. Izumi is quick to console her sister as memories plagued her fragile and unkempt (afterall, she'd been tossed from the world beyond to this strange new place) mind; "Are you hurt, sister?" Her questions are basic at first, though she is quick to switch after Aika explains that she had faced death at the hands of Homura… the man who simply wanted them for their bodies, and nothing more.

Luckily, her sister had not faced the same fate. "I have died, too. Only to wake up here, after vividly remembering how it happened--" She says this like it's normal, and Aika can't help but feel such a thing is... strange. It is something she'll have to come to face, nonetheless, as many end up in Canis after dying, or randomly... appearing. "--Thankfully not by Homura's men, but by accident..." Afterall, she had always been the lucky sister. At least, that was what Aika thought. Their interaction came to a swift, concise end, as Aika set out looking for the rest of the quintet. She is quick to find her brother, Taro, and brings him along to the watering hole, as well.

Though, Aika is quick to bid the pair farewell, and from then on out, she's set out on her own journey. To find those from their fallen clan, and to meet new friends along the way, Aika's story is far from it's end. In fact, it is merely at its beginning…



Sire & Dam:
Taku Fujiwara † & Junko Hayashi †

Izumi ♀, Hikari ♀, Taro ♂, Chiharu

Mate(s): N/A
Whelps: N/A

Currently Courting: M’Jakuna

Pack History

[Image: PicsArt_10-13-10.08.png]

(和子) Kazōku

Recent Location

Aika has most recently been in Bluewater Lake, Aludra, Seeker's Bluffs.

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