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Tiw (Teew)
Average (26)
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Female — Non-binary
Medium (2.7)
4 years (2019-08-08)
Common Raven

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Average in body, but not in color. Tiw is adorned with alabaster plumage that lightens the closer one's eyes get to their underbelly. From looks alone, it is almost impossible to tell their sex and even Tiw has been left in the dark. For this reason, they have taken to using they/them terminology when addressing themself. Paired with their unnatural plum, Tiw's beak and legs are pale with hints of pink. Peering from the blight is an unsettling pale blue, often unblinking and wide in wonder for the world and people about them.

A large gash cuts through their right shoulder and wing; an injury that will result in a deep tissue scar where feathers will fail to grow back. A sudden shift in rocks can be blamed for the blemish as Tiw was quickly trapped in a rockslide near Highvalley Hollow. They have Percival to thank for sparing their life and freeing them from the rubble.

the street shining stars


Tiw is a fickle and curious creature, particularly so when interacting with wolves. When speaking, more often than not their tone is carried in a cooling calm reserving expression for times of extreme distress. As an observant being, they are almost always eavesdropping in on conversations or watching from above to learn. Though Tiw means well, they are a rather big gossiper with a loose beak around those they particularly trust. Tiw may be slow to trust a new individual while they gauge their safety, but once they have made an acquaintance they are rather fast to open up. Those Tiw trusts may be granted small gifts from time to time.

They can be overly nosey and observant as they try to understand the wolf world around them while playing their small part in the highblood's reign. They feel forever indebted to Percival and his queen for sparing their life and opening their home to them. As such, they will never betray the leading royals even if they question their tasks or actions. Despite what it may seem, Tiw does not doubt those around them, they simply have a hard time understanding wolves so they often question many things to try and learn so they might be more helpful.

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HIGHVALLEY8/9/22 to present
LONE BIRDBirth to 8/9/22

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Recent Location

Tiw has most recently been in Highvalley Hollow.

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