Played by Dodge
Insignius (in·sig·nee·uhs)
Tall (36)
Fur Color
Cool brown, tan, and black
Sex & Gender
Hazel Green
2 (16 November, 2019)

True Neutral/Chaotic Neutral · Introvert · INTJ 'The Architect'

A lost and directionless soul, upon his arrival, Insignius lost the entirety of his memory. He remembers nothing of his surroundings, nothing of his past, and nothing of himself. Barely able to recall his own name, Insignius struggles with not knowing his identity, and has thoroughly lost - or buried - what his own ideals and morals are. He doesn't know if he had a family or friends, or anything at all. On the outside, he may seem soft-spoken and gentle, whilst on the inside, he simply hasn't the motivation to put up a fight. He relies greatly on his mind and his intellect, but when so mentally exhausted in an unknown world, he avoids showing what he believes to be a vulnerability, keeping his emotions and his troubles to himself. Perhaps this will lead him down a dodgy path as he tries to figure it out, being torn between the desires of his heart and the turbulent thoughts in his head.
Though he'll likely make a fool of himself as he attempts various activities to relearn his skills, he does hold great intellectual power and strives to attain all knowledge he is offered. He's attracted to topics of theoretical and deep meaning, absorbing insight and information all around him and storing it in his mind for later purposes.

Solemn · Dignified · Observant · Clever · Conflicted

Standing atop tall and lithe legs, Insignius is an elegant wolf who moves with grace and dignity. His fur is medium in length, with a particularly wavy and airy texture that gives him a regal flow. Made up of black unders encompassing a cool brown mantle and sides, with darkened tan edges and flecking along his back and scruff, Insignius is a silhouette of a slim figure, mysterious and possibly daunting paired with his height. Not the most impressively muscled, but perfectly built for speed and endurance. He has small, pointed ears, and his eyes are hazel in color, hooded under thin brows, and with tired lines. His face holds a near-perpetual expression of dread or exhaustion.




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