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Solpallur af Stormskýli
Very Tall
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Emerald Green
6 years (2017-10-01)

the suneater

Aptly named the Suneater, Solpallur is heavily cloaked in a deep obsidian from head to toe; there is not a single hair on him that is of any other color, and of his siblings both half and full blood he is the darkest in coloration. He is noticeably large in size—but not obscenely so—and well-built to display a long lineage of high fortitude and constitution.

Broad-shouldered and long legged, he bares a physique that suggests he is neither gentle or weak. He embodies a certain feral ferocity about him through an unkempt coat that is thickest along his scruff and shoulders, leaving his sharply lined face to almost seem out of place. His general demeanor, however, leaves his face set to permanently displeased and gives him the overall appearance that screams woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

He is not a terribly attractive wolf by any means, even bearing a mouth full of yellowing teeth. The only thing about him that might seem alluring enough to betray this are his emerald eyes.
The descendant of skilled warriors, Solpallur knows where his strengths lie and has a great amount of confidence to back him. While he does not believe he is invincible, his faith in himself and his kin is rarely shaken and its tenaciousness is a sight to behold. In most company, he intentionally comes across as blunt and unforgiving. He is not a chatty wolf, his voice often raspy with disuse, notwithstanding language barriers; to break out of his default unfriendly demeanor is a display of trust. For him, he lets his body and teeth do the talking for him.

A rigid, disciplined fighter at heart, Solpallur is generally emotionally detached. He does not easily make bonds or friendships even out of long term companions—he finds life is fleeting and not guaranteed, so why bother, and holds most at arm’s length. He does however enjoy the finer things the world has to offer, he is often tempted by promise of many things—food, fighting, and the fairer sex in general. Though not without morals, he isn’t beyond making a play to take what he wants or needs… or tempting them to do so in turn to him. He is wild to a fault, and relentless in that pursuit.

lineage & legacy

Though his lineage muddied and its history long, the only family that Solpallur claims are his siblings, Rökkvi, Stjörnuáti, and Valmúa. He distantly bears ties and relations to those of Tartok lineage, and those of the af Stormskýli clan of what once would have been far northern reaches beyond the realm and reach of Canis.

Through a union with Zafina, Solpallur is the father to four children who he refers to in his native tongue as Draugr, Eymd, Miskunn, and Steinátur.

pack history

STORMHAVEN KEEP · (October 2017 — ???)

GREYMOOR WATCH · (November 2020 — ???)

HRAFNSVAKTIN · (August 2021 — present)

Recent Location

Solpallur has most recently been in Astral Taiga, Morðfjall, Tundra.

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Fun Facts

Solpallur does not have a firm grasp on the Common (English) language spoken among the wolves and creatures of the world and mostly speaks in his Native language—a mix of Old Norse and Icelandic, as well as various Inuit and Scandinavian languages—and his voice is accented and muddied much in the same way. He understands tone and body language far better and reference will be made as much where applicable and clear.


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