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The Princess of Light

Played by hanna
Haleia (Hah - lay - uh)
Fur Color
Pristine ivories with warm browns.
Sex & Gender
Female — she/her
Alluring baby blues.
1 year, 9 months
Mackenzie Valley Wolf
  r e m e m b e r   y o u r   w o r d s   c a n   p l a n t   g a r d e n s ;

 'Completely biased emotions are foreign to her, and she prefers to keep a third world perspective on everything. Haleia is extremely sympathetic towards others. Their feelings come first before her own, and she always try to relate back to their own experiences and help them get through whatever sours their day. This combination of traits gives her an aura of natural beauty. When she speaks, it’s as if she’s the only other wolf in the world. Her voice is soothing and brings comfort to those listening to her. Haleia was raised a pacifist, the moral of forgiveness is written in her blood. Everyone deserves a second chance.

Haleia can forget about herself. She can get wrapped up with everyone else’s current situations and forget to check in on herself. At times, she just needs to be alone to contemplate what she’s feeling, sadly, she only does this rarely. She will push her emotional capabilities until it breaks her. Haleia has a high moral code. She follows her beliefs on a strict regimen and would never dream of disobeying them. She is extremely religious, and unbeknownst will push her beliefs on others without realizing that she does so. It seems that Haleia is always the one getting left behind, hurt, or thrown away. So many of those she’s cared about have disappeared from the surface of the earth, leaving her broken and alone. As a coping mechanism, she shelters herself with the needs of others.

— code by me

—'have courage, and be kind.’

Father — Slovant
Mother — Reuel
Siblings — Matkin, Connie. [brothers].

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[Image: f2177821f454ee2439217fe91469c4d3.gif]
Smells of plumeria and germanium
Mate – None
Glances toward – No one
Orientation – Heterosexual
Companions – None

' o r   b u r n   w h o l e   f o r e s t s   ;
D   O   W   N .




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