Played by Middy
Ketamine Helhund Sobek (Keht-uh-mean Hell-Hund Soh-beck)
Very Tall (38)
Fur Color
Orange, black and white.
Sex & Gender
Female — Gender-Fluid
2 years (2021-06-01)
Russian Wolf x Red Wolf x Mongolian Wolf (Mutt mix of several lines of random breeding)



Ketamine is a mixture of oranges, reds, blacks and whites that mix in a way that a wolf would find peculiar. Ketamine is colored like a painting, the black spots on the back of her nape and the top of her head are disheveled, sticking up and on end as if she is always on guard and feeling the pressure of an oncoming aggressive attack. Her thin, lithe, body is a pale orange, almost a reddish in the darkness, that stretches to where her legs begin.

Those legs go for miles, thin and strong, black as pure tar they grace the earth with the flames of her being. The front of her muzzle is black as are the top parts of her ears, a makeshift mask that was left incomplete, almost as if the painter of her pelt had decided halfway through she was already damned and gave up.

Beneath her jaw, the front of her audits and the majority of her tail are white, dipped in paint and left to dry for her lifetimes. This femme is something of a mystery in her coloring, but this mystery is one that won't ever be solved, as there are so many missing pieces to her puzzle it's almost as if they fell off and floated away in the stormy seas she walked along.



Ketamine was named after her purpose. The wolf was ripped away from her mother at such a young age, fed with rough hands and loud shouts to substitute her mother's milk. Growing up the girl was alone and weak, raised on as little as possible to "save money" as the rough loud voices would say to their light hearted, jingling voiced, females that would approach the small girl.

The red wolf was bred from cruelty, his parents forcebred to reproduce, but their reproductive systems were shot from the years of forcing and lack of proper nutrients. Their litters had started growing smaller and smaller with each birth, what started as large litters slowly dwindled to her singular birth alongside multiple stills.

She grew up alone. Her mother unable to teach her practically fr the confines of their steel prison. She grew up watching her father from a distance, watching the man slowly loose his mind and come back to himself in tears. She watched her mother heave and slather and whine. Her father got the experimental uppers, her mother the downers.

They would still separate the mother if they needed, dressed in heavy garb that if the woman lashed out in her fits they would be protected. The men were large and brutish, rough and angry, they would grab her scruff like her mom would to move her only they would grab with nails if barehanded, if gloved they would grab harder and she would yelp in pain only to be met with gruff shouts and shakes or a hard smack to her head.

Multiple smacks to her growing brain offered brain damage to what was already growing into a demonoid monster. She watched her mother and father die slowly from many ailments, drug withdrawals and seizures were nothing new to the trio and their many mammal counterparts in the makeshift laboratory. As she grew she had no clue what was happening to her parents until one day it happened to her too.

Shortly after her sixth month birthday her mother died in a pile of vomit tears and a shaking demeanor that the men met with laughs until she shook no more. The woman nudged her mother with a paw from a nearby metal crate, the men having separated the two after she turned four months, as the room grew hushed.

She whimpered and cried as a singular 'shit' rang through the stone walls. One of them stepped towards the cages and prodded her with a long metal bar they had nearby, nudging the dead body as it limply shifted under the cold steel. Her father lashed out at the man through metal, a large clang could be heard as his weak body slammed and fell against the bars. The man smashed the crate with the bar, sending a loud sound through the basement as she let out a cracked howl, the man smacked her cage too and silenced her with hate.

A few days later her father passed in a similar fashion, the hours before his death filled with such hatred she had to turn away and cover her ears with paws to try and ignore the sounds. For hours he was aged and snarled, saliva dripping from his features as he slathered in a rabid fashion around his prison, smashing the bars and growling such sounds she felt he would be the monsters that fed them.

It was almost as if something popped inside him, because he let out such a sound of pain and agony she felt he would explode. The girl turned in fear at such a sound and watched as he vomited blood for the last time and dropped to his knees, she watched as his last breath escaped into the room with a shudder then he was still.

At this point she had lost both her family members, the only ones she had and she was alone. The only of her kind trapped in this dark dark hole, and they would starve her for a couple days before they began her "treatments".

They saved the best for last with her. The men laughed as they dangled dripping meat from the top of her cage, she banged against the bars in hunger before they dropped the bloodied, white powder dusted, meat into her home. It smelled like metal, the drugs hidden behind the scent of her meal, the meat tasted funny but she didn't care. Ketamine was so hungry she would eat just about anything dropped in front of her maw

After she had consumed the meal she licked what contents had smeared on the cold bottom, the taste lingering and begging her for more. Suddenly she felt somewhat sick, her stomach churning with her first meal in moons, she laid down with a groan and tried to let the contacts settle, it felt like forever before something finally happened.

Suddenly she was floating. She felt like she was in her body but... She wasn't... Her head felt light and airy, floating and free as suddenly everything vanished. Her pain was gone, her physical agony was relieved and her emotional trauma momentarily erased as the effects of her name kicked in. The woman felt like she could fly.

She felt happy which was something she wasn't used too, this feeling of everything falling away. She loved this, as she stretched out on her sides the gruff voiced men made comments on her movements and progression into her K-hole but she didn't care. They weren't really there. She felt her mind release and for the first time since her birth she slept soundly.

That was day one of her trials.

The next day she was shaky and nauseous, she couldn't keep anything in, no water no bile, and she laid in her conscious seizures for the day as the men made comments this day too. The day after they gave her more.

They would do this day on day off cycle for at least two weeks. Her body would adjust and she would know what was coming when she started to fly. After about two and a half three weeks the men "increased" her dose to everyday. This is when she started to change.

Ketamine went from calm flighty adventures through the room to visions she didn't want to see. Her russet stained mother would appear next to her, filling her head with hatred and loss. Her father, the color of the night sky, would show next to her with such anger he would fill her being with fear and anguish. The pair would send her lovely spin cycles into hate filled voids, they started with her cowering but soon the hate they filled her with turned her depression and sorrow into such an anger one wouldn't think possible of her.

She was once innocent and kind, and the Ketamine turned her into a monster. She would sit in silence, cloaked in the shadows, and when she saw the men come she would grow excited, her tail would twitch ever so slightly as the approached her prison, but they would not see the gesture. It was not for them it was for their drugs.

The night she escaped was just like this one. Her body was tensed in the shadows, her black form relaxed, her parents might not have been able to perfect their technique but she had. She was raised in this, this is what she knew. Ketamine had plenty of time to plan an escape, her hallucinations helping her get through a plan that would allow her out.

So while she hid in the shadows she waited for that piece of meat that would bring forth the monster it created. Her brain burned as she anticipated it's coming, she almost twitched and whined in excitement as she smelled the poison and the sweat of men.

It was coming.

They dropped the meat in and she devoured it without hesitation. She had long since past the effects of peace and calm of her "treatment" and had now branched out into keeping her calculated and angry. This time would be different for them, for her, they sat on their moldy couch, she smelled the must puff up from the cushions as they plopped, lighting their skunk fire to fill her room, that was another one she enjoyed, the skunk flower, it helped her mind release the claws of her pain and suffering.

Today though, today she would fake a seizure and a death, she let out a yelp and scraping growling as she pretended to collapse and shake with an ailment she had only witnessed. She smacked her limbs violently against the bars, lucky for her the drugs didn't allow the pain to pass through and she was immune to the needles it most likely would have produced.

She listened to them fall silent and two of the three made mumbling sounds before leaving. She heard the door shut, probably as the two left the basement then the house, as they went to report to their master. The singular male watched with wide eyes as she pretended to shudder and stopped breathing.

Between the Ketamine and her practicing she was able to lie like this for a while, closing her eyes as she embraced death in her act. The man got up and grabbed the metal bar that had poked her mother's lifeless body and proceeded to do the same to her. She wanted to recoil and bare fangs and snarls as she felt the bar hurt her forward. That same word was muttered as the man dropped the bar with a clang, he sighed, took another heavy breath of his skunk stick and held it between lips before he opened her crate to remove another failed expirement.

He was alone and she smiled with closed eyes, she could feel his movements, the warmth of his burly arm by her side as he neared to grab her scruff. Ketamine has grown large in her aging, she was thin from malnourishment but she was still a big monster. Her mother wasn't massive a big larger then a normal wolf, but her father was as mountainous as they came, so she was graced with a massive stature.

He watched as her mouth grew into a toothed grin and he exclaimed a scared shaky "The Fu... as she whipped her form at him and in a K-hole fueled rage she latched onto that meaty piece of forearm and shredded, he screamed and she went for that juicy pulsing throat of his. Blood sprayed everywhere, covering her black body and making her shine with the warm moist rain.

She smiled and yelped in excitement as she rolled around happily in the death spray of her captor. She giggled as she looked at the human monster and stuck her tongue out at him, speaking in one of the only tongues she'd learned, Russian, as she insulted the man.

мудила (Moron, Asshole) she spat at him with a snarky smile, her slathering jowls releasing saliva and the man's own blood back onto his carcass as she stepped over the fat man. Though not before devouring his left arm and his right flank. She was Starving... Was. The woman looked around, there were lame and dying critters all around her in the dimly lit room, she wanted to help but knew she could so she sent them a sorrowful look before the scent of her fueled rage raised to her nostrils. She needed that.

She found a sling bag left from one of the men, and after a small bit of struggling she managed to wiggle it onto her shoulders. It hung about halfway to her belly and she filled it with the skunk flower bags and the bags of white powder she was raised on. The woman trotted up the stairs and her legs would have burned with the activity had she not been hopped up. Her motions had been limited in her crate and it would take time to get used to the movements. She would learn.

She reached the upstairs and it was dark, everywhere was darkness and the bloodied woman scanned icy eyes around the room before she saw a glass barrier and made her exit, slamming through it with a large shatter and causing scratch's and cuts along her entire forum. She didn't feel them now but she would.

After about half a year or trekking she found canis, this time she had encountered many, learned much, kept her stash in line. During that half a year she would attack random humans when she smelled that smell, shredding their body parts and stealing their own prizes. She was well stocked by the time she reached these lands.

She stayed drugged the majority of her treks, she remembered the skill she learned but the rest was a haze. She couldn't remember how she got here or names, half the lame events were gone, but they would come back with reunions of faces and their smells

[img]SIDE IMAGE (RIGHT)[/img]

Mother: Valium
Father: Angel, Full name Angeldust
Sister: Krokodil
Siblings: Unknown/TBD

All family members are named after street drugs that are all experimented and altered by humans. I am not picky on the names but they all would have come from this same place and would be around Ketamine's age though she would have older siblings as well. Her family members are limited to her parents, it is possibly to alter things a bit to have her have adopted family from the basement-lab animals and/or another wolf family they had down there.
If you're interested in playing a family member let me know we'll work things out!


Pack History

No pack was ever present for this poor female.

Recent Location

Ketamine has most recently been in Sundance Grove, Cymru Keep, Thundering Grasslands, Winterheart Forest, Ichorwood.

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Known Languages
— English
— Russian
Blood, metal, unknown bitter rust, wind and earth
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