Played by Rhys
Altair Ostrega
Fur Color
Charcoal & Gold
Sex & Gender
3 years (2020-05-07)

the princely scholar

A gold and charcoal-dipped rascal, he embodies both mother and father in his overall appearance and physique. While not the largest nor tallest of his siblings, Altair possesses an athletic build—he is built sturdy and capable of making himself seem larger than his average-sized height much in the same way as his mother. From his father, he bares sharp features along his face and shoulders, and a darkened tail-tip.

He is a proud creature of a still lean, youthful build and carries himself with an air of confidence and good grooming. True to his lineage, he is the beholder of the trademark Ostrega eyes, a rich warm gold unmarred by any other hue that stand out against the dark mask of his face. Through hard work and training, he is slowly coming into maturity with the build of a proper warrior and defender, becoming well-built and muscular beneath the soft and gentleness of his dawn and dusk coat.
Altair has measurable pride in his heritage—it ekes through as confidence in the thought that together they can achieve near anything, though he does not believe that they are invincible. Long has it been drilled into him that he descends from great achievers and he too believes he is meant to follow in these footsteps. A fastidious learner, he doesn’t hesitate to ask questions to the things that he does not know or understand. Spurred on by a desire to be as sharp intellectually as he is in teeth, he picks up on things constantly and finds ways to learn more as frequently as possible.

Notably extroverted, partaking in social activities is a big portion of his life. While skilled in the art of conversation from his parents, he is not nearly as reserved as they are and thus will strike up good natured conversation easily. Whether against his siblings or his peers, Altair is eager to prove himself in many areas. This in turn extends to him a certain level of frustration when he is bested, though he is more likely to internalize such emotion or steer it towards his own improvement.

lineage & legacy

The son of Dirge and Hydra Ostrega, he is a fourth generation Ostrega. Altair is the younger brother to Atlas, Antares, Osiris, and Vega, the littermate of Caelum, Mira, and Mintaka, and the elder brother to Ara, Cygnus, Draco, Nysa, Scorpius, and Raiden.

His maternal grandparents are Amekaze Rikudou and Charon Ostrega, and paternal grandparents are Kasaka Winterheart and Kelso Ostrega. Through them and their many descendants, Altair has numerous relatives and is related vastly to the majority of Empyrean within the world of Canis. Additional relatives can be found on the Extended Ostrega Family Tree.

pack history

MOONSPEAR · (May 2020 — February 2021)
Home of Altair's natal pack and his birthplace, Moonspear provided him with the basic building blocks of how to survive and thrive within a robust pack. He had every intention of going to live with his elder brothers in Firefly Glen—where they had founded an offshoot of Moonspear—when one night, a great comet fell from the sky and sent he and the majority of his family to a faraway place.

EMPYREAN · (February 2021 — November 2021)
Upon finding himself in Canis, Altair was swift to reunite with his mother and father to help them stake out a claim on the mountain where they awoke, and thus founded Empyrean in the late winter.

DRAGONFORD ISLES · (November 2021 — present)

Recent Location

Altair has most recently been in Leviathan's Sepulcher, Mountains, Ichorwood.

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Fun Facts

Voice: Matt Shipman (as Reki)
Potential Skills: Hunter, Striker, Warden, Warrior
Subspecies Breakdown: ⅝ Rocky Mountain x ¼ Eastern Timber x ⅛ Mackenzie Valley


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