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mother merciless.

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Played by hanna
Nike (Nye - k. )
Fur Color
Amber and laced with ivory.
Sex & Gender
Female — she/her
Indigo plated by cerulean fixates.
3 years (2020-07-30)
Mackenzie Valley Wolf
Character does not have hair or bangs.

[Image: 71704020_0MOhtn0WR4mA0oP.png]
© koviiri
the dowager queen. bearing heirs.

A poised gem amongst her family, Nike and her sister Mahina are stark opposites. Raised in the golden light of a sacrilegious commune of beliefs regarding greek mythology and culture, Nike has been surrounded by ephemeral thoughts and hounds of glory throughout her entire life. A putrid seductress, layered with floral scents, Nike has never been faced with rejection. A pageant princess used to getting what she wants leads many to believe she has no ambition, but oh, how wrong they are. Coiled within her lackluster heart, she always wants in comparison to her daft, sultry sister, and prefers to take, rather than earn. Named after the winged Goddess of victory, she makes it her utmost goal to win. By making sacrifices to win, she levies her life into quips of brutality. Blood, gore, violence are not things that scare her away— but things that excite her. She finds solace in those who share her same ambitions or those who choose to worship her. A walking hymn of sweet-tongued lies and calculated steps, Nike desires a throne of her own one day. Or something similar to the taste of unrequited freedom.

sanguinary · manipulative · theatrical · spiritual · ambitious · ruthless · poised

smells of cloves and roses.
natural and endearingly feminine.

hypersexual. heterosexual(?). shallow lover.

favorite color is dark red.
favorite flower is roses.
loves to gossip.
hates to eat in front of others.

© goldefern
Current thread

Thus always to tyrants
Blackwood Reach
—  Evening, overcast.
—  Sanguinus
Sire: Raziel     Matron: Clement
Siblings : @Mahina
You never believed in me...

Mated to: None
Children:  Here²⁰²³

Pack:  Nightwalkers
Previously  Labyrinthian²⁰²²⁻²⁰²³
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Nike has most recently been in Blackwood Reach.

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