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Lady Bridgerton

Played by Sammy
Mauve Bridgerton (maav)
Fur Color
Various browns
Sex & Gender
2 years (2021-06-29)

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Delicate paws stumbled upon the earth, escorted with elongated legs that gave a moderately sized height. Her muscle mass takes on the appearance of a runner, waist pulled upwards giving her an unmistakable figure. Radiance does not stop at the components that make up her muscle but her outward appearance. Starting from her face, a deep espresso brown falls across her muzzle and moderately under her chin before exploding into various components of caramelized tan and russets of wheat. The contrast between two pools of blue with an off shade of silver would call forth the souls that linger too long in her gaze. It would assume that she belonged to a different world… it was true when the gods had taken their time in crafting this female.


[Image: 900806dc29c4cb1739238c08007a575b.png]


What is the most powerful chess piece? There is no denying that the King plays an important role in the game for when the king gets checked the game would be over. However, the Queen is told to be the most valuable… she would stand in protection of her king whether that be on the sidelines or pressed up against him as an equal. Mauve had been instilled with mannerisms of how a queen should act, what they were allowed to do and what was deemed inappropriate in the high court. She would hold her head in confidence, embodying the power that exhilarated her back against the throne. However, adorned with jewels and a crown would not make one a liable queen. Her ruling was just and fair, there were no sides to be had in court as everyone held their side of the story. Her heart belonged to the people but her soul craved the freedom of no rules. A hopeless romantic often filled her head with secrets of love stories and the empty promises of adventure. She belonged to her kingdom… like a bird trapped in a cage.

Recent Location

Mauve has most recently been in Apostles Gate, Applecrest Grove, Reclaimed Roots, Sundance Grove.

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Fun Facts

Known Languages
— English
— Italian
— French
Spring: Fresh linen, Lavender, the smell before it rains
Summer: Lavender, tangerine, and eucalyptus
Fall: Orange Cinnamon Roll
Winter: Spiced Chai, coffee beans, pine
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06-16-2024 at 08:32 PM
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