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Arrogant Boy

Played by faith.deb
Icarus Casto
Tall (36)
Fur Color
Sex & Gender
Light (90)
Light blue
4 years
Icarus Casto

"welcome to my cage, little lover"


Much like the rest of his family, Icarus is covered in raven-black fur. The only markings he has are a lighter grey on the small of his back below his neck, a touch on his belly, and a small kiss on the tip of his muzzle to his chin. A small line of grey underlines his eyes as well, which are a dazzling blue color; striking against his dark coat. His fur is soft to the touch, always quite well groomed despite the tussles he gets in. He's powerful as well, but his muscle is much leaner and less obvious, hidden beneath his thick fur. Scars are littered down the length of his front legs. Another mark can be seen clearly on his face; going from the edge of his right eye, across his muzzle, and then down just past his lips on the left side.

— Art By Snow--Chan (DA)

"still don't know your name, miss honey"


— Alert
— Calm
— Adaptable
— Charming

— Impulsive
— Curious
— Outspoken
— Sarcastic

— Flirtatious
— Deceptive
— Cocky
— Abrasive

— Art By Starcattz (Toyhouse)

"let's go up in flames, pretty lady"


Icarus was born to a pack called Outhria, one of three from the Kingdom of Oseateron. He was the strongest right from the start, even being a bit mean to his younger siblings; especially the runt. He never got a name, but Icarus didn’t care to know why. He quickly grew into a strong pup, but before he was even 3 months old his mother seemed to have disappeared. He was raised by a rather strict father, another wolf to never show his emotions. This is where his personality stemmed from, along with not caring to be told what to do and arguing cases that he didn’t even relate to. The pack he was raised in didn’t help much, but he had left at an early stage. But not before the belief in Neptune’s moon. This caused him to have a natural draw to water, though he never cared to really go swimming.

When he did finally leave, he never looked back. His personality and morals continued to develop and shift, slowly turning him into the wolf he is today. He had a mate, for a time, thinking that things in his life could go well. He even had two pups with her, but the idea of being tied down and forced to be a father drove him away; he didn’t want to be as horrible as his father was to him, but in turn, almost made him worse for abandoning his family. He continued to live on his own, playing with the minds of other wolves and getting into fights when others would get too heated. He always lunged forward in retaliation, causing his many chest and front leg scars. One unfortunate day, he pushed a wolf even farther than normal, and one that was much stronger than him. While Aloysius was pinned to the ground, the much larger male hovered over him, ready to end his life. And yet Icarus, always the quick thinker, talked his way out of it. But not before earning his most obvious scar, claw marks straight down the side of his muzzle.

While he should’ve taken that as a lesson to be careful, it only encouraged him to take it further. Wandering about as he did, he continues his odd practices to find a new home for himself.
— Art By Luxiie (Toyhouse)



Fun Facts

Known Languages
High Valyrion
Earthiness with a softening aroma that leads to the scent of roses
Pack History
Outhria {before Canis}
Loner {current}

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