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Some kind of super-assassin

Played by sparx
Hank J. Wimbleton (Hayne-k)
Tall (36)
Fur Color
Gunmetal greys & black
Sex & Gender
Heavy (143)
Light hazel; green & gold
2.5 (15 December, 2019)
Mackenzie Valley Wolf mix


[Image: fd3b3de8fbf4774eb2ca5123c4976b1cfb513e80.gifv]

[Image: sparx-trade-fin.png]
— By gutz
"I've killed a god."
An imposing grayscale figure that stands tall like a stone statue. His height is equally matched by his girth, and beneath the dense fur and thick hide is naught but sheer muscle that ripples as he moves. His broad snout is dark, matching the medicine hat mark that wraps 'round his forehead and small, equilateral ears like a bandana.

His wiry mane is black and peppered with lighter flecks of varying shades. His tail mirrors this, gradating to the same shade of black as the fur nears the tip. Rough bands of dark fur converge behind his dark forelegs, curling down to kiss his stark underbelly like a tidal wave meeting the beach. Hidden behind red-tinted goggles are startlingly soft hazel eyes. Seafoam green rings encircle pale golden stars, curtained by long lashes. Few beings are privy to their true beauty.

Despite appearances, Hank is capable of moving nimbly when necessary; and yet, he remains equally adept at tanking hits. He often startles others by how silently he moves. Indeed, his build and unmatched combat expertise allow him to be an incredibly flexible fighter.

He is the perfect soldier.

Hank is never seen without his goggles. Reminiscent of a steampunk era, they are simple in design; black painted metal frames house red-tinted glass lenses. A dark elastic band keeps them in place around his head.

His goggles were crushed by Daighre and now sit in his den, where they will remain indefinitely.

—Gunshot wound on right side of his chest; barely visible [Upon awakening]
—Cross + two vertical nicks on his left shoulder [Upon awakening]
—Twin diagonal scars on his left flank [Upon awakening]
—Horizontal scar on his lower right foreleg [Upon awakening]
—Claw puncture wounds on left thigh [Kuhn]
—Nick in right ear [Ghidorah]


[Image: 4ecb4badbaba7c44aeed7061f4fb0b35879c4908.gifv]

"... You don't stand a chance."

Detached - Violent - Dominant - Possessive - Impulsive
ISTP-A · Chaotic Neutral · Pansexual · Single
Hank lives to fight and fights to live; that is his purpose in life. The fight is not a means to an end or for some reward, it is the reward. Due to his sociopathic tendencies, he struggles with foresight; so while his intuition is on-point, planning is not in his repertoire. Needless to say, this is the heart of what gets him into trouble. He's either sharp as a whip or dull as a crayon, depending on the circumstances— For the most part, the former is in combat, and the latter is with anything else.

There is a ravine between Hank and his emotions. He struggles to pin down a name to the face of what he is currently feeling, and remaining idle drives him stir crazy. Naturally, this leaves him lacking in the empathy department. He speaks his mind bluntly and with little regard (or knowledge) of how it may affect someone. And as a result, Hank seldom regrets causing harm, mental or physical, to himself or to others. With or without allies, all he cares for is tossing himself into the throes of battle; it gets his adrenaline pumping, and that feeling is a blade that never dulls with time. The euphoria is his high, the fight is the only drug he craves.

He is a proud, self-confident man, but far from a gloater. Adoration and praise isn't something he particularly desires. In fact, he was infamous in his previous life— feared by many, respected by some— but the opinions of others don't phase him one bit. This leaves him an obstinate beast with a thick skull anyone is hard-pressed to get through to once he's set his mind on something.
[Image: edited_nevada_gif.gif]


[Image: ece64c5d0430964a818e332641ba6c47855a4277.gifv]

Somewhere in Nevada...

Hank was once a man. The most feared and most wanted man in all of Nevada, no less. His violent tendencies had gained him an unfavorable reputation that escalated into an all-out war that quickly descended further into madness until the very fate of the world was in jeopardy. He was forced to become accustomed to the inexplicable and the nonsensical as reality literally fell apart around him and the Higher Powers toyed with the mortal world.

Hank rose from an undistinguished grunt with anger issues to a highly skilled super-assassin with more scars than one could count and a similarly high body count. He'd brought hundreds of lives to their end; death was not just all around him, but also something he experienced not infrequently. Be it through the Higher Powers or the advancements of technology, he was brought back from the dead, stitched back together and sent out to fight the good fight time and time again.

Somewhere in... Canis?

Once again, Hank bit the dust. Only this time, he's not in Nevada anymore. In a new body, a new world, and with fragmented memories, he blindly feels his way around. Will history repeat itself, or will he write a different story here? Only time will tell...

— Immediately after awakening, Hank falls from a tree and startles Kuhn, who is on edge due to being back in Everfrost, where he was attacked. They fight briefly until Kuhn realizes Hank is not affiliated with his attackers. Feeling incredibly guilty, Kuhn promises to make it up to him and brings him to Duskguard to heal. Then, Hank travels with him to Northfall, which he joins without much forethought.

— Hank's interest is piqued by the brewing war between Northfall and Dragonford Isles, but he is left disappointed when nothing seems to come of it. He becomes stir-crazy, eventually going on a brief outing in search of something exciting.

— On his travels, he meets Daighre, who chose the wrong man to mouth off to. Hank attacks him, but Daighre breaks his goggles. Distraught, he tosses Daighre down Whisper Key's steep banks and onto the shore, where he narrowly gets away with his life.

— Bitter, Hank gathers the broken remnants of his goggles from the beach and returns to Northfall. Upon his return, he is intercepted by Ghidorah at the border, who had reappeared in Northfall during his absence. Being cut from the same cloth, they fought, getting carried away in the act. Hank contemplated tearing Ghidorah's throat out but relented, deciding he'd rather have the man around to spice up his life in a world he found exceedingly dull compared to the last.



Fun Facts

[Image: b4ced8a68b64b9c51e6e840acb721254b406390d.gifv]
— Voice Claim: Striker from Helluva Boss (Norman Reedus)
 Description: Voice is gravelly & husky with a slight southern drawl.

— Hank sometimes experiences phantom pain in his jaw despite it being very much still attached to him. This is due to the fact that his lower jaw was blown off and replaced with a metal one in his previous life.

— He has an ungodly high pain tolerance and is masochistic from the countless injuries he's suffered over multiple lifetimes.

— His favorite food in this life is bison due to its similarity to beef.
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