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Dirge Winterheart Ostrega
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8 years (2015-04-18)

the knavish king

Like his ancestors and relatives, Dirge bears signs of his Ostrega lineage in his overall physique and gold eyes. He is tall and perpetually lean, dressed in earthy colors with agouti-patterning that darken hairs scattered along his brow, shoulders, spine, tail and tail-tip. These colors drape down along his sides like a saddle, meeting the lighter and sandier hues of his underside. He is built like a hunter—full of endurance and speed but not entirely lacking in strength either—and cants toward seeming rough along the edges, much like the wilds he was borne from.

His fur is coarse but plush enough to be soft, though its overall thickness varies by season—thicker in winter, thinner in summer—and some pains are taken to keep it orderly. Generally Dirge carries the scents of the wilderness, of towering pines and damp earth; occasionally tinges of sea salt are present as well. He carries himself confidently, a dominant creature that is surprisingly, if not confusingly relaxed bordering nonchalant. Often he has a complete expression of neutrality. Company dictates his body language greatly and it isn't too far outside the realm of perception to suggest he is intentionally guarded.
As the knavish king, Dirge is a constant strategist who may or may not be out for himself. A sharp opportunist at heart—despite a relative distaste for politics—he tends to serve as check and balance for others, and often to temper them for his own gain though not necessarily in a way that won't benefit them as well. In short, he plays the field rather machiavellian and mostly on his own terms.

There is a certain nonchalance about him, as though there are few things that perturb or interest him—the reality is quite the opposite. Though he is not one to entirely let on what he thinks or feels, save in select company or mood, he tends to play the part of a background participant in any number of things. But when something does pique his interest, he is direct in his queries with precision. That said, he is surprisingly genuine with his choice of words and particularly formal with their usage.

At his core, he is sharp-witted and silver-tongued; wordplay is his strongest suit and he knows it. Confident in both manner and intellect, he occasionally and intentionally comes across as arrogant and brimming with bravado. He is very capable of being both unscrupulous charmer as much as he can be a guiding force with relative ease, and sometimes both at once if the situation calls for it.

lineage & legacy

Born a third generation Ostrega out of a forbidden tryst to two starcrossed lovers, Dirge is the only son from the only litter between Kelso Ostrega and Kasaka Winterheart. He, alongside his sisters Keres, Lestra, Nyx, and Saor, were raised with only stories of their father, who was attacked and chased away by the wolves belonging to their natal pack.

Later on in his life and through a union with Hydra Ostrega—with whom he has a distant relation to as a second cousin—he has sired a number of children: Altair, Ara, Atlas, Antares, Caelum, Cygnus, Draco, Mira, Mintaka, Nysa, Osiris, Scorpius, Raiden, and Vega.

Despite bearing both names of Winterheart and Ostrega, there is very little Dirge remembers or cares to about his own lineage, and does not acknowledge or claim to be of either family outside his immediate relations. Further and more in-depth lineage details can be found on the Extended Ostrega Family Tree.

pack history

WINTERHEART · (April 2015 — April 2017)
Dirge's natal pack and birthplace—it is here that he lived out roughly the first two years of his life in less than favorable conditions. Despite being cared for by his mother and eventually able to fend for himself and his siblings, his existence was relatively looked upon with disdain and in turn he was treated as such. At a breaking point, he and two of his sisters left in search of adventure and a better life among the wilderness at large.

MOONSPEAR · (November 2017 — March 2018)
Having met Hydra in the summer before, Dirge sought out her home as winter began to bear down—by then having dispersed from his siblings—making it clear that his stay there was only temporary. He lingered a while into the following spring before departing and setting his sights on his own adventures. Guided by wanderlust and ambition, he also did not go far with the hope of tempting Hydra away from Moonspear, thus leading him on a short journey before trying to plant his own roots and forge a claim in the vast forests north of her home.

WYRMWOOD · (July 2018 — September 2018)
Named for the tangle of almost choking vines and voracious plant growth, Dirge's attempt at forging a claim in the ancient weald was not one without its difficulties. Though he achieved some success, the attempt declined into failure as autumn swung into the last gasp of its own season, and the approaching winter forced him to abandon his lofty goal. He again sought Hydra in the south.

MOONSPEAR · (November 2018 — February 2021)
With winter returning to the wilderness, Dirge took refuge among the wolves of Moonspear once again, only this time to be caught up in a series of unfortunate events that plagued them. Growing closer to Hydra during these events, the two began a more formal courting through the long winter, and it reached its fever pitch by the time spring returned to the mountainside. By then, engrossed in the affairs of the pack, Dirge stayed with the hope of still stealing Hydra away only for the pair to ascend and take the leadership of the pack shortly after the death of Hydra's parents—Moonspear's founding leadership. From there on for the next couple of years they reigned together, until the fateful event of a falling comet impacted the mountain, and purged many of its inhabitants with astral fire and cast them into the realm of Canis.

EMPYREAN · (February 2021 — present)
Upon awakening and reuniting with Hydra in the mountains along the river, the pair decided to remain close to their awakening point and ultimately founded Empyrean as they gathered what remained of their family and others. And the rest, as they say, remains to be told.

Recent Location

Dirge has most recently been in The Nameless Mountain, .

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Voice: Gideon Emery (as Balthier)
Subspecies Breakdown: Northern Rocky Mountain

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