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Yo! I'm Chishio - feel free to call me Chi, Chish, Shad, or Jer - i'll answer to all of those (along with just my username). Posts whenever I have time. (Chishio #7434)

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Roleplay Policies:
- I will NOT write explicit sex scenes.
I don't like to write conception threads either, but if you need one they will be fade to black 100% of the time. My characters may make innuendos in said threads.

- Please do NOT tag me in the discord for replies unless it is an important group thread that I have not replies to in 3 or more days.

- Feel free to PM me onsite or over discord if you need anything. I will answer discord 100% quicker than onsite PM's.

- Powerplay:
Please ask me before doing anything with my characters unless I have stated it is something they would normally do. It is perfectly fine to say my character has been around / you can smell them around if it is in a pack.

- Plotting:
I like to keep things IC, but I do allow outside plotting with my characters. It may not go 100% as planned, and I prefer to keep plots vague because of it, but feel free to PM me any ideas! Generally I also like to keep relationships IC but 100% will introduce two characters to see how they would do.

- IC =/= OOC.
My characters' actions do not reflect my own thoughts, ideas, or actions unless explicitly stated otherwise. Most of us are adults, please act like it. Feel free to ask why my character does a certain thing, I am 100% okay with having meaningful discussions.

- Thread Archives:
I generally archive threads after 2-3 weeks of no reply, feel free to contact me to unarchive something! I like to keep timelines up to date, so threads will end up getting archived at some point. If I no longer have muse for something, I will ask before archiving unless the thread is at a stalemate or natural stopping point. Feel free to contact me about that as well if you would rather continue something.

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