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mama, we're meant for the flies.

Played by Evan
Krueger Rache (KrOO • GR)
Very Tall
Fur Color
Various shades of brown & cream
Sex & Gender
Male — Male (He/Him)
2 years (2022-05-28)
Warning 3-3-3

  t h e r e ' s   n o   e n d   t o   t h i s   n i g h t m a r e ;

 'a man made entirely of nightmares in the waking form. a sadist by heart. he finds immense joy in terrifying the younger generation. it's a trial for the little monsters. to see if they're truly nightwalker material. it weeds out the weak. also, it's hilarious. out of the trio, he leans a little higher on the intelligence scale. he's not the in the slightest, the smartest of the nightwalkers. not to say that he isn't an earnest student when it comes to sparring or the elegant art of torture. it is not only the youth he picks on, but his two brothers. who he can on occasion bully enough to manipulate them. he knows he can get away with it and without a doubt, they'll love him anyways. which is also why, in return, he'd die for anyone considered family. whether it be nightwalkers or full blooded kin; if you bleed nightwalker blood, you're at least considered an acquaintance. even if he seems rough around the edges with his smarmy grins and horrid jokes.

a predatory beast with the instinct to go feral. when on the hunt, there's a rage that he cannot control. primal and innate. it's easily misread through often fits of cackles, joyful and blood curdling at the same time. after all, who can get that much pleasure just from hunting? and afterwards, he likes to play with his food. take it nice and slow before the brutal blackness of death takes his experiments. even through pleads of mercy, he is the one who decides when the victims lights go out.

when dead set on an outcome, he is deaf to reason or responsibility for his actions. there are very little voices that can break him out of a spell; morag, vorhees, and leatherface are the main voices of reason for the man. it depends on how far off he is. sometimes the brutal voice of his father can coax him out of a disassociated, cruel state.'

— code given by ellie

’— we will sleep on the skin of his nightmares.’

Father — @Vengeance
Mother — @Morag
Littermates — @Leatherface, @Voorhees, & @Firefly
Siblings — @Golliath, @Piglet, @Tempest, @Lilith, & @Leviathan *
Half Siblings —
Through ??? — @Abaddon & @Almight
Through Célnes — @Aldritch, @Warwick, @Calhoun, @Edith, @Melrose, @Rohesia, @Maral, & @Vermillion
Through Eris — @Death, @Conquest, @Famine, & @Pestilence

  junior — from may 2022 to present


[Image: fea57a48dbc41436f20d5a52b9fc487104915f17.gif]
Mate – None
Glances toward – No one
Orientation – Aromantic closeted bisexual
Companions – @Voorhees & @Grumble

[Image: nTbdkaW.gif]

' h e l l   i s   r e a l   a n d   i t   i s  
h   e   r   e.

— full code by hanna

Recent Location

Krueger has most recently been in Blackwood Reach, Hazy Pasture, Reclaimed Roots, Wezen.

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Fun Facts

Known Languages
— English
— Broken German
Rotting meat & dense swamp-like musk.
Favorite food
— Young rabbits
— Turkey eggs
— Beetles

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Toyhouse Link
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06-16-2024 at 08:01 PM
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