Fluffy Bastard

Played by Kells
Zentaro ('Taro' for short). (Zen-tah-roe)
Very Tall
Fur Color
Blueish black, white, grey.
Sex & Gender
Steely blue.
8 months (10 September, 2021)


[Image: OTHP3y1.png]
a scraggly and unkempt male with longer hair on the tail and at his ruff. he currently appears to be startlingly thin, has deep scars that fur has not yet covered, and sometimes trembles as a result of weakness. zentaro’s lip is split permanently, and his behavior can seem abnormal for a wolf.


arrogant. | confrontational. | emotional. | untrusting.


‘you told me you’d always be there for me… but you’re not.’

a rough winter. a father watches an unwanted pregnancy come to term, and suddenly, his mate’s eyes are no longer always on him. so he beasts the pup, forces it to march before it can run, keeps it from its mother to get used to the ‘world’. its cold and the nights are lonely, and the mother cries in her den as her baby calls in return. no disobeying, or the bites will come. no talking back, or the bites will come. no running to mother, or the bites will come.

he grows, and like his father, hes going to be big. that adult feeds him less, tries to keep him small. his mate whines more and more, their arguments devolve into fighting. he watches. no interfering, or the bites will come. one day, the father grabs the child so harshly, instinct kicks in. she lunges, unafraid, and they fight; but its different this time. he watches as mother and father paint the snow with blood. she does not stop. he does not stop. father bites her so hard she stops moving. no interfering, or the bites will come. he no longer cared.

tired from the fight, the father weakly struggles beneath his sons fangs as his throat explodes with red. he doesn’t let go. it’s cold and his mother no longer cries for him. his jaws hold harder, strong wolves win fights. strong wolves don’t run from things. strong wolves are better alone. strong wolves walk over weak ones. the father was long cold before he let go.

he was strong. he was a strong wolf.

‘now you're gone, who the hell am i supposed to be?!’



Fun Facts

[ please note, his tail is simply my artistic impression and would appear at normal length IC. ]
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