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— hiatus -- college, surgeries, mental health vacay.


the hound dog

Played by hanna
Lorcan Altaire (Lore - kin ; Aal - tear)
Very Tall (38)
Fur Color
A combination of brown tones and russet red.
Sex & Gender
Male — he/him
Heavy (130)
3 (8 August, 2019)
Mackenzie Valley Wolf
the jester
Smells of cedar and hyacinths

theme  the wheel of fortune  chaotic neutral  austin  intj- entrepenuer

He was built to be a soldier. His muscles ripple with strength and travel all around his body. Even his toes are well acquainted with their tests of balance. Sturdy on all fours, Lore is horrifying. Completely in tune with the entirety of his body, his movements are eloquent and fruitful to watch. Tall and a mass of strength, Lore’s body is a gift of fortitude and vitality. His muscles ache for vengeance, spilling over at their lids for bloodshed. His eyes are pools of gold with freckles of hazelnut sprinkled in them- you can only see those sparkles if you are close enough to him- that seem to react with his emotions. His eyes gleam when he is excited and dull with rage and sadness.

A scoundrel amidst a pool of saints, Lore deviates from what society wants of him, rather than what he thinks. He's not the average savior, a knight in shining armor. Hell no. He gets what he wants, and he'll do anything for it

[Image: 55006403_x7WgOZvCdZKuiX8.png]

❝ you like me because i am a scoundrel ; ;

Loner [CURRENT]Enemies of the Sheep[CURRENT]

Father unknown;
Mother: Corinne [deceased]

— ' and there aren't enough scoundrels in your ;
life. ❞

Faceclaim of The Darkling.
Mate – None
Glances toward – Many. See pawprints.
Orientation – Heterosexual
Companions – None





Fun Facts

— He speaks Frenchand Italian— mainly French.

— His favorite flower is purple hyacinths.

— He is more lean and athletic-bodied, perfect for stealing.

— He loves to dance.
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