Not a Queen, a Khaleesi

Played by Rue
Valhalla ((val-hal-uh))
Tall (35)
Fur Color
Auburn with ebony accents
Sex & Gender
Medium (109)
Alluring Teal
3 (9 January, 2019)

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— Adorning an auburn pelt and ebony accents, Valhalla is what you’d expected of a Navarrian Queen. Elegant and regal, yet dark. To the Navarrians, Valhalla is beautiful beyond all doubt. Her fur is well maintained and groomed daily to ensure she looks presentable. She is slim at the waist, but strong and slender. Valhalla is not the tallest of wolves, nor the strongest, but her strength comes from her mind.

— Valhalla smells of Desert Lily and Yucca.

Mastering the art of deception, Valhalla has proven to be a clever and cunning force. She uses her skills and gifts to her advantage, eager to prey on the faults of others for her benefit. She feels no regret nor remorse for such cruelty and shows no intention of slowing her devilry. Valhalla displays an alarming unconcern for the lives around her, caring little about their personal opinions or feelings, often indifferent to the events around her or the emotions and concerns of others. She is highly insensitive to the hardships of her packmates and is seemingly unemotional when discussed. She is not the one to go to if you are seeking comfort. Born into power, Valhalla believes it is her birthright to have it and rule an empire as her ancestors did. Unfortunately, such rights were stolen from her when she betrayed her father. Despite her losses, Valhalla believes that she will rise once more and begin her legacy, away from the disdainful glances of Navarra. Her commitment and devotion to her goals are infinite, for a tenacious being such as herself is rarely ever satisfied. Focusing her energy on her image and reputation, she is constantly improving her status. In doing so, she has shaped herself into a being devoted solely to accomplishing her goals and hers alone. Her interests do not go far beyond that, and her commitment is to herself, no one else.

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Often considered alluring, Valhalla carries a certain aura with her that often intrigues the interest of her packmates. She flaunts and abuses her beauty for her own personal gain, for restraint on using beauty for the sake of love is a waste. Though it may be easy it is to fall to her ploys, Valhalla's display of affection is just that, a display. It is a carefully conducted ruse to manipulate and use someone else for her own amusement. Her affection is rarely ever true; courtship is but a game to her.


[Image: 49220636_TCVbbrY47csg9qZ.png]


Mother — Mara — Deceased
Father — Stallion — Living
Siblings — Various— Living

Pack History

Navarra — Executed for Treason



Fun Facts

— Valhalla speaks Dothraki and Valyrian, but she knows little english.

— Valhalla, in another life, was a, or the Khaleesi of Navarra for a short time.
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