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Jude Duarte (J - ew - d ; Doo - ar - tay)
Tall (32)
Fur Color
A mixture of russet browns and ginger.
Sex & Gender
Female — she/her
Medium (94)
A soft pelage of brown.
4 years (2020-01-10)
Mackenzie Valley Wolf
[Image: 58118223_6OUAqTnBsrlUsRn.png]
the singing mockingbird
capricorn  the tower  intj — architect    lawful evil

Crude and equally hygienic, Jude carries herself with an unthwarted arrogance and confidence of any wolf of her kind. Throughout her childhood, she was raised on every aspect of intelligence; herb farming, medications, strategies for both hunting and combat, you name it. She sets herself on a golden pedestal, deadly and scheming, always. Rather temperamental, abrasive, and impulsive, Jude has a wit that is rather unmatched. Snark's comments and backlashes are no stranger to her vocabulary, having a tendency to challenge those who she speaks to. A signature pheromone she radiates is germanium and vanilla, sweet and floral; a juxtaposition to her daily life.

smells of cloves and roses
tnatural and endearingly feminine.

voice of susan egan

hypersexual. pansexual. shallow.

favorite color is dark red.
secretly enjoys sand.
loves to gossip.
hates eating in front of others.

[Image: 59371129_28kR5HvQtLfkyPg.png]

calculated · poised · ambitious · elitist · evasive · ruthless · sanguinary

Recent Location

Jude has most recently been in Apostles Gate, Applecrest Grove, Reclaimed Roots, Sundance Grove.

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