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I was promised the keys to an empire

Played by Aso
Hotaru Izuka (Ho-tah-rue Eh-zoo-kah)
Short (27)
Fur Color
Pure White
Sex & Gender
Extra Light (69)
3 years (2020-05-25)
Arctic Wolf

I saw a star burst into life


A girl blanketed in stark whites just like her parents. Most struggle to tell her apart from her twin brother unless they are face to face where a contrasting black beauty mark adorns her right cheek alongside vibrant lavender eyes, linking her to her true father's genetics.

Hotaru is a short willowy woman with a rather feminine beauty to match her birthright as Princess. She is lean, and mostly leg despite her short stature.

[Image: 47092909_ns57UvHBegFasvo.png?1650515103]

And in the corner of your eye


Spritely and loving, reserved and spiteful. Two vastly different sides to the pale princess though she has learned to live with both. Broken by betrayal, Hotaru realized the world was not as kind as she once had believed at an early age. That being said, she is still a gentle soul and a dreamer for a better future. Hotaru marvels at the world around her with a thirst for knowledge and a deep love for those she holds close.

She has a soft spot for songs, though she is less open with her own voice now that she is older. Hotaru can be quiet, but once one earns her trust, she is quick to open up and even make a few surprising jabs. Her brother perhaps knows best as they have always been close thanks to their shared hardships.

I saw a dream that never died


Mother: Reiko
Father: Takeo †(genetic) Noboru †
Step-Father: Quicksilver
Littermate: Haruki (twin)
Half-siblings: (2022) Filavandrel, Vienne, Yaevinn
(2023) Toruviel, Arathorn, Isilmë

Grandparents: Hisahi Izuka † & Yuna Izuka †
Aunts: Hime Izuka
Cousins: Sachiko, Kenta

Italicized are unknown relations


SHIROSHIKA7/13/21 till present
LONER10/22/20 till 7/13/21
RENEIAN EMPIREBirth till 10/22/20

[Image: 50103275_K2AsPmHZp7rsbAg.png?1654253143]

speak to me with love in your words


When Hotaru was younger, her believed father assaulted her with the growing realization she was not his own. Almost succeeding in drowning her alive, Hotaru was lucky to live when her mother and true father crossed the scene and intervened. The event has left her severely traumatized with a deeply rooted fear of pools of water and resentment for most men.

Due to family issues, Hotaru was burdened by the weight of the crown from a young age and soon lost the support of her twin after he went missing. Since then, Hotaru has learned to harden her shell and take matters into her own paws when necessary opposed to relying on others in times of need.

make for me a soft universe

Recent Location

Hotaru has most recently been in Tsukiishi, Gomeisa.

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Fun Facts

Known Languages
— English
— Japanese
Carnations and Lavender
Child Kero Kero Bonito
Teen Faith
Adult Rider Current
— Loves the stars
— Likes singing
— Aka Ruru or Hota

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