The Princess of Light

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Haleia Porrima (Hah - lay - uh)
Average (34)
Fur Color
Pristine ivories with warm browns.
Sex & Gender
Female — she/her
Medium (101)
Alluring baby blues.
2 years (16 April, 2020)
Mackenzie Valley Wolf

haleia porrima

— top coat is mostly consumed by creams and light browns.
— smells of plumeria and geranium.
this scent is intoxicating to say the least. plumeria flowers have a rich and everlasting glaze to them and can become addicting. the germanium in her pelt casts an over shadow of comfort to others.
— her fur is the texture of silk, she is often rather warm.
— she has no scars.
— lean and agile, fit for scaling mountains.
Completely biased emotions are foreign to her, and she prefers to keep a third world perspective on everything. Haleia is extremely sympathetic towards others. Their feelings come first before her own, and she always try to relate back to their own experiences and help them get through whatever sours their day. This combination of traits gives her an aura of natural beauty. When she speaks, it’s as if she’s the only other wolf in the world. Her voice is soothing and brings comfort to those listening to her. Haleia was raised a pacifist, the moral of forgiveness is written in her blood. Everyone deserves a second chance.

[Image: sAt0ZEg.png]

Haleia can forget about herself. She can get wrapped up with everyone else’s current situations and forget to check in on herself. At times, she just needs to be alone to contemplate what she’s feeling, sadly, she only does this rarely. She will push her emotional capabilities until it breaks her. Haleia has a high moral code. She follows her beliefs on a strict regimen and would never dream of disobeying them. She is extremely religious, and unbeknownst will push her beliefs on others without realizing that she does so. It is no secret of Haleia’s heritage, neither is the way that she speaks. She knows how to form her sentences and speaks with the utmost elegance and partition of mannerisms. Haleia also has a knack for shiny objects. Anything that glistens under the sunlight with a shimmer, Haleia is bound to hoard.

At times, Haleia won’t stop rambling about the darndest things. When she’s around those she’s comfortable with, it’s hard to shush her- it’s mostly her rambling about the philosophical meanings of life, preaching about the God, Ames, and the scenery. She only gets this way when she’s around her comrades. It seems that Haleia is always the one getting left behind, hurt, or thrown away. So many of those she’s cared about have disappeared from the surface of the earth, leaving her broken and alone. As a coping mechanism, she shelters herself with the needs of others. In her natural ways, Haleia is extremely proper and dapper. She can see herself as this high and mighty figure or being in the light of God, well, Ames, and she can have a rather sharp tongue. It’s a rare occasion to see her dirty or involving herself in high-risk activities.

for true power is in giving instead of taking.


credits to louminary on DA for art. art is to be used by me, and only me, for as i purchased it rightfully.





Fun Facts

— She speaks English, as well as Dutch.

— She is actually a collector of sorts; she loves shiny things.

— Leia is rather dependent no matter how much she tries not to be.

— She loves to dance.
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