—...bleeding under the sunset.

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Jun (J-uhn )
Tall (36)
Fur Color
Greyed blues with milky creams.
Sex & Gender
Male — he/him
Light (118)
Dimmed rose
3 years (2020-01-06)
Tundra wolf
Jun wanders the coast lines after a deep slumber.
❝ c o m e   o n   d a n c e   w i t h   m e.   t h e   e a r t h   i s   s p i n n i n g ;
[Image: 46480270_BN2ZryTQCsakhGo.png]
 Hailing from a age-old dynasty, Jun is desperate to make his own way through this world. With an accomplished life in other packs, he has only ever wished for a life close to the ocean. At his heart, he was born from the sea. His only need is to stay near what his home was created from.
 He is extremely quiet after the disappearance of many of his friends. At his core, he is a humorous man with a heroic attitude. He enjoys a surplus of activities— the main one being fishing. He has issues with abandonment, deeply, and chooses to remain reserved and to himself.


[Image: b64db55fd39514f8c3a3a9ddbe20119f5dd48169.gif]

fluent in korean. knows common tongue equally as well.

sea salt & hibiscus flowers
reminiscent of the turning tides and tropical rainforests.

children: none     mate: none
 loyal to:
None @ No one.
— w e   c a n ' t   j u s t   s t a n d   o n   i t . ❞

Recent Location

Jun has most recently been in Mojito Beach, Leviathan's Sepulcher, Mountains, Behemoth’s Brim.

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