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About Me

hello! my name is hanna, but many people can find me on my multiple social medias as 'sentova'. you may call me either, i do not mind, but i respond more directly to hanna. i'm 19 and am a cat person overall, which is ironic.

currently, i am dealing with major health issues that hinder my mood at times. if i am snappy, i apologize! i am also a full-time student as of right now, and don't prioritize canis over my life. however, i always like to thread! most of my characters vary in types of tropes as i crave diversity in what i write. i am a alternative poster, which means i try to post and reply every other day. sometimes life can be hectic, but i will let people know if that is the case.

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est timezone.

OOC =/= IC
the characters i play are not representations of who i am. they are not linked directly to a self-reflection of me. what my characters think, is how they think— not how i think. if what my character does/says affects you negatively, please reach out to me directly. your comfort within our threads is my top priority as a writer.

i typically do not do plots. i prefer to let the rp flow naturally and whatever comes, comes. if you have ideas or directions that you prefer a thread to go to, let me know! i'm absolutely open to certain ideas as long as they match the morals of my character. but, i just would like a heads-up. in terms of INJURY, my characters are allowed to be injured under the context that i consent.

i'm pretty much okay with all sorts of powerplay. whether it be a push, shove, etc. that's fine with me. as long as so tentative injuries are involved, it's fine by me! however, if you feel that it is major powerplay, let me know and we can discuss it. otherwise, there are no limits.

above all, i prioritize comfortability in my threads. i know what it is like to feel anxious or uneasy about a thread, and if you ever feel that way with what i write, let me know! we can work things out, or end the thread to ease your troubles. canis is a place where i intend to have fun, and would never want this to be a chore for anyone else.

my mains.


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