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OOC Plotting: I do not plot OOC and prefer for development to occur organically through play. 

IC/OOC Separation: I am not my characters nor their beliefs. I will not take IC conflict into OOC spaces and ask that you do the same. 

Post Pace and Nudging: Please do not nudge or remind me to reply. I keep track of all my threads and, in general, am on the slower end as far as posting speed is concerned. 

Post-Splicing & Post-Matching: I have a general disdain for post splicing and will actively try to avoid it in my replies. Because of this, my replies tend to be on the shorter side. I do not post match, but will always strive to give my partner plenty to reply to. If I do not, please tap me and I'm happy to edit.

Powerplay: I encourage small powerplays in order to move a scene along (For example: If two characters have agreed to explore a location together and are heading out, feel free to write my character accompanying them, you do not have to write 'x character headed off in hopes my character will follow', nor do you have to ask if this is okay to include). Large powerplays and assumptions are not acceptable.

Limits: Terminal illness. Otherwise, I have no limits and prefer to write at a language, sex, and violence level of 3-3-3/18+. That said, please communicate your limits and triggers - those will always be respected.
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