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The Demon Viscountess

Due on 06-29-2022

Played by Teegan
Reign Inferos-Saxe (Rain Sacks)
Tall (34)
Fur Color
Black and White
Sex & Gender
2 (22 August, 2019)


This is the End of Your Days,

[Image: aVoT3oG.png]

·Scent: Grapefruit & Mint · Voice:Vitani from lion king 2

Standing at 34 inches tall, with Eyes like pools of Amethyst practically glowing against the Thick, Velvety ink colored fur of her shadow kissed face. The rest of her body looks as if it’s draped in a cloak of night against fresh fallen snow. The white fur lining the undersides of her jaw and belly and The length of her throat around her chest. Her long muscular legs also beautifully wrapped in the same white fur


Its time we end the Charades

Raised in the Saxe way, Reign often Holds a Cool, almost Bored and Dismissive Demeanor. Upon first meetings she can often come across as Rude due her Snarky attitude and Unfiltered Bluntness. She holds no fear in her heart which often makes her seem brave or stupid to others. Is is calculating, always looking for something or someone who will benefit her. She is strong willed and determined, once she set her mind to something it is unlikely she will give up.

Temperamental in nature, She is prone to fits of rage. It’s is often unclear what causes her to switch from cool and collected to Heartless and brutal. Holding Grudges is a specialty of hers, rarely offering up forgiveness. You will see no tears from her either, as she refuses to show such “weakness” to others. She also refuses to show her pain, one would have to severely injure her to see a reaction.

Honest only if she should benefit from it, she is likely to evade your questions or offer half truths. Occasionally lying if she must. However she is highly ambitious and will do about anything to get what she wants.

Disclaimer: This is how she is with a Majority of people. She does however have a soft side. But that will only be disclosed in character if someone should gain her trust and Loyalty.


Open up the Cage, I wanna Play!

Doomed at birth, Reign is the third born child to the large but only litter between her parents; Raina Saxe and Setekh Inferos. With a wickedly Cruel Demoness for a mother and an Irregularly Present Unhinged Father with a god complex, there was no denying the nightmarish nature and future of Reign and her siblings.

Being born into the Saxe Empire was no cake walk. From the moment Reign opened her eyes the Saxe Family lessons began. Raina started by teaching them the family tree and family “rules”, Raina repeated the same lessons every single day until Reign and the others could repeat it back by heart. The rules went as Follows; “ The word of the Sultan is Law. NEVER bow to anyone outside the Saxe family, we are superior in every way. Never Back down, rather you die in battle than return a coward. Weakness is not tolerated, it’s Kill or be killed”. Those were the rules was raised on, those were the rules she lives by.

Her physical training began as soon she could walk. Her mother’s battle trainings were long and brutal. They we’re afforded few breaks, and training began at sun up and ended at sun down. Raina never held back while training them, often Reign or her siblings would end the day covered in bruises, dried sweat and blood, with open wounds. Tears and Whimpers of pain were not tolerated, such things resulted in being beaten until they didn’t cry or make a noise. Reign quickly adapted to not showing pain while sparing unless she was severely injured. On the rare occasions that Setekh would visit, he too would spar without the kids, not once offering any praise but instead offering up critiques. The days he’d visit Raina allowed the kids to take half the day off, spending time with their father however he pleased.

Training was Five days a week, with one day for survival training such as hunting and a day of rest. But it was that one day off that Reign cherished most growing up. It was the day her mother gathered them up and tell them the stories of her life. Reign loved watching the flicker of emotions as she told stories of Sultan Neios and of Apollyon and the others. It was the only time her mother really showed any emotions. Raina even told them the story of how she and Setekh met.

When Reign was 5 months old, her mother increased the intensity of their trainings. She introduced brackets where the 6 children were to spar until their was one winner or no one could go on. Their was no tapping out however, you had to win or be knocked out. However the kids grew competitive, with Reign, Nemesis and Akhenaten being the worst. They would spar and train together on their days off. They went as far as to jump their other siblings the night before their mothers brackets.

But if all her siblings it was Nemesis she grew closest to. He was her other half, they moved in completely unison. They did everything together, eat, sleep, train, hunt.

When she was nine months old her mother decided it was time for a Saxe refresher course. She would preach about how beautiful it was to feel a life slipping away as you snuff the light from someone. How the taste of blood was the best part of sex and battle. That the Saxe line was stronger because they bred with each other and only other deemed worthy of a Saxe. That they should never ask for anything to take what they wanted unapologetically and mercilessly.

When Reign turned a year old Raina announced that she was leaving them to find the rest of their family. And that they were old enough to take care of themselves now, and that they should go out and spread the Saxe legacy far and wide and eventually reunite at the Saxe Empire where she’d be waiting to see who they would have become. With a final reminder that was better to die than return a coward and face death by her hand she left.

It was that same day that Reigns real journey began. Saying goodbye to her littermates, Reign and Nemesis left. They never stayed in one place for long. Leaving behind a land after leaving death and despair wherever they lived. She had watched as her brother took many lives before her eyes. She’d take a few herself. Relishing in the blood as her mother had said. Her bond to Nemesis growing every day. She was about a year and a half when they became lovers. Nemesis became her world. Their wasn’t anything she wouldn’t do for him. But eventually she grew tired of the nomadic lifestyle. She was ready to return to their family and claim their rightful place inside the Saxe Empire.

At two years old she had managed to convince her brother it was time to return home. As they began their journey they met up with their sister To-Meri who was also just as unhinged as nemesis and she began to feel a rift. Annoyed with the bond forming between her siblings, she began to feel nemesis drifting from her. Something she would not allow. She began to plot the death of her sister. But the fates had other plans, they had been traveling for about a month together and Reign was ready to kill To Meri when they found Akhenaten.

Happy to have another sibling back, reign decided to get back at Nemesis and began to openly flirt with her other brother. Often suggesting he was always the best. Nemesis grew angry and instead sent his other siblings ahead of them, Demanding to know why reign was acting that way.

They had decided to stay where they were for the next who months. Putting space between them and their siblings so to save their relationship. But it was during this time that Reign found herself awakening one night in a new land without her brother….


Time for the bridges to blaze

[Image: bEAvXe4.png]

Great GrandParents: Kaios Saxe X Newt Saxe
Grand Parents: Neios Saxe X Astrid Saxe
Neios Saxe X Maija Saxe
Parents: Raina Saxe X Setekh Inferos
Siblings: Numerous Paternal Half Siblings, 6 Litter Mates
Other: Numerous Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins.

Character name - Relation- opinions
Vasilica Saxe - Aunt - N/A
Sorina - Cousin - N/A
Kaiden Saxe - Uncle - N/A
Hecate Saxe - Aunt - N/A
Maja Saxe - Paternal Grandma - NA
Sati Saxe - Sister - Happy to be reunited with her.
Mentu Saxe - Brother - Happy to Be reunited with him

Character name - Age- nickname - opinions

Satan - 4 years - N/A - Interesting... Very Interesting

Lovers name - How long - Any litter together

Satan - One Night - Currently Pregnant

Character name - Age- nickname - opinions

Aerys - 2 years - Little Cloud - My pet, she is a good listener. She does as shes told

Character name - Age- nickname - opinions

Pack History

Im slipping into a craze

Born to The Saxe Empire
Demonia Empire



Fun Facts

Favorite activities: Training and Sun bathing. Favorite season: Fall.
Favorite time of day: Sunset, night time.

Laziness, Mornings, being woken up

Her mother, The Saxe family Patriarch/ Matriarch

Strengthen the Saxe legacy, Become as strong as possible, make her mother proud.

— Original Art (Appearance) By Electra
— Line arts by SalemNightz and Rabbi ATA
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