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The Stormcloak

Played by Meebee
Almight Rache
Very Tall (38)
Fur Color
Stormcloud greys
Sex & Gender
Very Heavy
4 years (2019-11-20)
Mackenzie Valley x Grey Wolf
I made The Devil run

Almight is a colossal figure of muscle, standing at a considerable height. When he's not sneaking around to hunt, his steps thunder where he goes with a swagger like he owns the place. They're followed by a strike of lightning; his gaze of pale silver, peering out from under thick and angular brows. His features are harsh and sharp-cornered with markings to accentuate this. His neck is protected by a thick layer of grey fur, the rest of his body colored in hues akin to a storm. Muted blues, dark greys and black decorate his coat that is kept mostly clean and soft to the touch.

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I gave Him Poison just for Fun

As Scion of the Nightwalkers and eldest son of Vengeance currently present to support him, Almight carries a heavy crown of responsibilities. After witnessing the cruelties of this world, he has become calculating and, in a way, cruel. No longer does his helping hand reach from a position of goodness, but as a means to get ahead in life. There are few he holds dear, but he has come to terms with the fact that even they must be disposed of should they ever threaten his position or get in his way. He is calm and composed in the face of danger, and comes across somewhat aloof when faced with conflict. He's hard to offend or anger and, when in the right mood, he can even crack a joke - but usually this is a front he puts up to gain the favor of those around him.

Diplomatic · Curious · Egotistical · Manipulative · False front · Ambitious · Aloof · Calculating · Composed

Vengeance Rache
The father that abandoned him, Warlord of the Nightwalkers. Fears him, respects him. He wants to do well in his eyes to earn that fatherly love he'd never been given.

Abaddon Rache
The brother that killed his mother. The closest thing he had to family for a long time. Finds him hard to predict and sometimes awkward to talk to.

Leviathan Rache
Former Nightwalker and half-brother. He was never close to him, in fact Almight is glad he is gone so he isn't a threat to his rank anymore.

A member of Elkshire, half-brother but born of the Elk Queen. Almight thinks him a good lad.

The woman he took in and raised Amata with, though they aren't close anymore.

His adoptive child at one point, but she's grown up and made a life for herself.

Former Elkshire warrior. She looked odd, but she quickly became one of his closest friends. He knows it's unlikely they'll ever see each other again.

Cynefrid Déorwine
Elkshire subject, sister to the queen. She's super nice, but he's cautious because of her relation to Célnes.

A member of Labyrinthian. He finds her very smart and respectful - he even plans on choosing her should his plan for an alliance work out.

The white flower from the night he became a man. Knows her under a different name, but she's the most beautiful creature he's ever seen.

Célnes Déorwine
Queen of Elkshire. Finds her a bit stuck-up and he doesn't agree with her ideals, but as a powerful leader he tries to get along with her.

Mother of his half-siblings. At some point she was seen as a surrogate mother, but after her wicked personality was revealed Almight liked her a lot less.

Fellow Nightwalker. He finds her a bit of a bitch really.

A broken woman he met by accident. Thinks her weak, but tried to help her so she'll owe him later.

A member of Elysium. She is kind and very knowledgeable about plants.

A member of Labyrinthian. She's very odd, and Galene doesn't like her so he doesn't much either.

Flower of the North. Very pretty and more seductive than the women in the South. Maybe it's a Northern thing?

Fellow Nightwalker. Has a deep hatred for the hot-headed man.

The woman that abducted and abused Aerys.

Recent Location

Almight has most recently been in Foxfire Woods, Reclaimed Roots, Blackwood Reach.

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