Played by Noki
Caelestinus Nomos (kae - les - ti - nus)
Short (28)
Fur Color
White, silver, grey-beige hues
Sex & Gender
Intersex — They/Them
Light (45)
blue - pink
3 years (2020-03-05)
Mixed Wolf x Mackenzie Valley


[Image: Untitled_Artwork.png]
Caelestinus appears completely female at first glance, including the "plumbing" as they would call it. A slender curvaceous body with a beautiful feminine face - but they are anything but. Caelestinus believes themselves to be an ancient being who has once again been reincarnated into the female form for the third time ever. They will constantly speak about how much they miss having male genitalia and not having to deal with female problems. Headstrong and playful, Caelestinus tends to run headfirst into things before thinking them through, preferring to handle issues by themselves without requesting aid from friends.

Caelestinus prefers to be called him/he, but will respond to any pronouns, however, they might get confused. It is best to simply address them by "Caelestinus". Note that due to being intersex, Caelesntinus is sterile as their female appearance is only appearance wise. They have no ovaries but instead non-descended testicles.

Recent Location

Caelestinus has most recently been in Golden Glade, Tundra.

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Fun Facts

Caelestinus in this life is Infertile due to being intersex
Smells Like
Old books and mountain air

Sounds like
Haku - Androgynous
Speaks Fluently
English, Greek, Hindi, Arabic, Swahili, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Icelandic, Norwegian, Old Norse and a few dead languages; Sanskrit, Latin, Coptic and Akkadian

Please note that most if not all of these will be google translated for RP fun and is subject to mistakes
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