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Played by Rebel
Quicksilver aén Fidháil
Tall (35)
Fur Color
Grey and white
Sex & Gender
Medium (110)
(central heterochromia)
5 years (2019-04-26)
Timber wolf


"And promise me this, you'll wait for me only"

Quicksilver is a slender, willowy creature with long legs and narrow features. Atop undersides of soft, brilliant white his silken pelage is dominated by platinum shades which darken considerably at is upper limbs, lobe-tips and tail. Where the fur grows longer and feathery at his nape and ruff, he is collared by alabaster. A pale blaze splits the silver of his face, blooming from his brow to swathe his muzzle and curve toward his throat. His kind gaze is powder blue, though pearl grey splinters around each pupil and sterling crescent moon shapes surround each eye.
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"There are things that drift away. . ."

Rousing in the vast tundra and with no recollection of who he was or where he came from, the druid wandered alone through snowy wasteland for several days. Just as he was about to give up hope, he found safety by following a lone stag with a white pelt. He rested among the forest at the edge of the frozen desert, and picked his way South toward the mountains. There he was located wolves who'd found themselves there by similar circumstances. Afraid of being alone and yearning for connection, he pledged himself to a new pack and leader, Ira, who bestowed upon him the name of Quicksilver. Together, their small group claimed Fate's Summit to form Vanderfell Woods.

He struggled with not recalling his identity, and found it difficult to adapt to a new routine. Fate saw fit to align his path with that of a she-wolf, Reiko, and he was at once smitten by her charm and beauty. He developed an unhealthy obsession with her, but the belief that she was already committed to another kept him from sharing how he felt. Quicksilver tried to direct his energy elsewhere: into erecting gardens to grow herbs for the Spring and approaching Summertime that he could harvest and store through the cold season, but he could rarely keep the snowflower from his thoughts for long. Eager to put an end to his heart's desire and move on, he pursued her toward the tundra and failed, again, to confess his feelings. He made for home once more, but was ambushed by a snow leopard and fled North. Infection ravaged his wounds and a couple tended to him for several weeks while he healed. They asked him to go with them and aid in the founding of their pack, but he declined their offer and they parted ways.

Still fragile from the cat attack, Quicksilver re-opened the scars of his shoulders and found his way back to Reiko's frozen mountains. He rested there for a few days until Ira came to retrieve him. On their departure, he confided in his Alphess of the feelings he harboured for the Empress, though chose to return with her to Vanderfell. There, he returned to his training as medic and learned of the High Queen's engagement to one of their founding group, Hieronymous, and he tried to distract himself by committing to helping them prepare for their upcoming wedding.

Members of potential ally packs travelled to attend the Vanderfell wedding, and Reiko's attendance with a wolf that Quicksilver believed to be her husband was hard to witness. When the ceremony ended and as festivities carried on, the druid slipped away for some space by himself - but he was not alone for long. Reiko joined him, searching for a flower to decorate her furs, and it was there that he at last admitted the depth of his love for her. Shocked and confused, she rejected his confession and departed, and Quicksilver tried to carry on through the hurt.

In the weeks that followed, he found a connection with Izumi, who hailed from Shiroshika. He sought comfort in their friendship and recognised the fondness he felt for her, hopeful that it might mean he could some day get over the loss of potential with Reiko. Much to his surprise, Reiko returned to Vanderfell's surrounding lands and the two awkwardly tried to discuss their last encounter. She shared that she had decided not to pursue a relationship with her suitor from the wedding - because she wished to choose him instead. It was Quicksilver's turn, then, to refuse her. As a result, he chose not to court either she or Izumi.

Things grew tense for Quicksilver at home, as pack-mate Orlaith began to question his loyalty to their pack. She made it clear that she did not appreciate his regular ventures beyond the borders, straining whatever comradery they had. Quicksilver, wary of being watched, did his best to carry on practicing herbalism and enhancing his medic skills to prepare for the arrival of Ira and Hieronymous' upcoming litter. During a hunt in the lowlands, he saved Reiko from drowning in the river and brought her home with him to tend to her injuries. They made a start on repairing their damaged friendship, and Quicksilver began to re-think his decision not to court her.

Reiko returned to Shiroshika and Vanderfell welcomed the royal children. Quicksilver tended to Ira and her little ones regularly as their midwife, though the pups made him yearn for a family of his own. One night, not long after the High Queen had whelped, the druid responded to a young wolf's call for help - only to discover him to be the long-lost Prince of Shiroshika. He returned the boy to his family, and as Quicksilver prepared to leave the mountain he was - WIP


". . . like our endless, numbered days."


Mated to Reiko Izuka, with whom he has three children: Filavandrel, Vienne and Yaevinn. Additionally, he is step-father to Hotaru and Haruki.

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Pack History

Vanderfell Woods (Mar 2021 - Jun 2022)
Shiroshika (Jun 2022 - present)

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Recent Location

Quicksilver has most recently been in Tsukiishi.

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