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Played by gerra
Weirs Deoradhán (Weerz Dee-ord-han)
Fur Color
Dark taupe, darker points. White tips.
Sex & Gender
Light sky blue.
2 years (2022-04-20)


A rangy-looking young wolf, dressed in earthy shades just barely tipped in white. He has pale, sky-blue eyes.


You live and you learn.


Now far more than a suspicious clump of cells that secretly put together a puppy... in The Elk's Crown, Weirs and his littermates were an unexpected arrival for the queen of Elkshire. They grew, given the bare-minimum from their mother while packmates and siblings picked up any slack. The puppies knew no different and grew up accordingly. Once they were old enough to begin their Déorwine teachings, Weirs learned he is considered marked (albeit only slightly) in the white their family so despises. It highlighted to him how he and his littermates were handled differently already.

Not long after, Faust was attacked mysteriously and then some of their elder siblings dispersed to various reasons. In light of all this, Weirs eventually began to explore more freely and vaguely found an interest in fishing. Right as he did, the waterways of their home were poisoned--unknowingly to the residents until Seaver suddenly died. Others turned up with various degrees of illness after, a grieving Weirs among them. The source was later revealed to be rotted contamination. He recovered, but faced a setback for several weeks; a lanky Weirs entered his first winter, a touch uncertain of his true footing in the pack, but quietly trying anyway.

Come spring, he woke startlingly alone and remained determined to survive in the forest of his birthplace. In time he realized the lands around were changed and then come summer, one of his older brothers returned. With him came a renewal.


Parents: Célnes Déorwine ♀ & ???
Littermates: Faust ♀, Seaver ♂, Selwyn
Siblings: Aldritch ♂, Warwick ♂, Calhoun ♂, Edith ♀, Melrose ♀, Rohesia ♀, Maral ♀, Vermillion(Célnes × Vengeance)

Pack History

Elkshire (April 20, 2022 — March 25, 2023)
Trieweborne (August 2, 2023 — present)

Recent Location

Weirs has most recently been in Apostles Gate, Banesteppe.

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Fun Facts

» oops he exists.
» he likes creeks. fishes decently, sometimes.
» quiet fascination with reflections.
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