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Fujiwara Izumi/藤原泉
Tall (34)
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Black & White
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Small (88)
2 (14 November, 2018)


"To the sky, to the sea; somewhere far away...."

Izumi is exotic in the sense that she is odd yet alluring. The femme is tall and leggy due to her Mackenzie Valley genetics, though generally lacks that inherited muscle mass and is instead equipped with a willowy, lithe build and slender facial features. Draped in a silky pelt of frost, the only contrast is the black that stains her ears, "eyebrows", muzzle, spine, and legs in an exquisite duotone display; like a blank canvas brought to life by ink. Through cat-like eyes lined with long, dark lashes are a pair of lavender orbs akin to a pool of wisteria petals.

[Image: winds-by-hazepages-dedo0j9.png]
— Code by Asori


Izu, while being a fairly moody individual, is ironically not the type to wear her emotions outwardly. In fact, anyone who doesn’t know the femora well enough will likely think she is incapable of expressing emotion – due to her almost permanent “Stone Face”. With a fear of showing vulnerability, she wears this icy expression of hers like a mask to hide anything felt on the inside. Visual emotion is not impossible for Izu, but seeing it is very rare.

Izumi isn't one to take the hostile route upon first impressions, but is still guarded and reserved around strangers until a sense of trust is established over time. This will generally make her appear outwardly cold towards those who have yet to earn the woman’s trust and she might even prefer to avoid them if they are deemed suspicious or uncomfortable to be around. After getting to know Izu, however, you will find that she is actually a loving, emotionally attached fae with a healthy curiosity for things relating to nature, philosophy, and stories.

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Complex - Reserved - Observant - Kuudere

Lawful Neutral - INFJ-T (Advocate)
Pansexual (Male preference)



Dame: Junko Fujiwara/Hayashi
Sire: Taku Fujiwara
Littermate(s): Taro, Aika, Chiharu, Hikari
Mate: N/A
Children: N/A
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Fun Facts

- Speaks fluently in both Common and Japanese with an audible accent. Hover for translation.

- Unless the opposite is specified in writing, Izumi is generally expressionless and straight-faced

- Scent: Wisteria petals; sweet and airy, though not in an overpowering way. Reminds her of home.

- Gait: Long, elegant strides that are gentle and soundless against the earth -- a practiced habit from her past.

- Epithet(s): Crane, Siamese, Princess

-Additional art/Credits for art shown here can be found on Toyhouse
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