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The Silent Crane

Played by Cheeto
Fujiwara Izumi/藤原泉 (ē-ZOO-me)
Tall (35)
Fur Color
Black & White
Sex & Gender
Light (100)
Frosted Lilacs
4 (14 November, 2018)
Current thread titles from Nobody by Mitski Mitski


"Through these travel-worn eyes and tattered lips, I will sing to you a forbidden tale......."

Izumi is exotic in the sense that she is odd yet alluring. The femme is tall and leggy due to her Mackenzie Valley genetics, though generally lacks that inherited muscle mass and is instead equipped with a willowy, lithe build and slender facial features. Draped in a silky pelt of frost, the only contrast is the black that stains her ears, "eyebrows", muzzle, spine, and legs in an exquisite duotone display; like a blank canvas brought to life by ink. Through cat-like eyes lined with long, dark lashes are a pair of lavender orbs akin to a pool of wisteria petals. Like a still-doll, emotions are difficult to read on the ceasesless, yet gentle pokerface she wears like a mask.

- Scars: A moderate scar on her left shoulder caused by an attack during this thread. The fur will never grow back in this area, and has left a sizable patch of pink skin to be exposed.

[Image: 51768584_cTp6FlMOuirasjZ.png]
— Code by Aso


Complex - Introverted - Reserved - Melancholic - Observant - Blunt - Affectionate - Icy - Kuudere

True Neutral - INFJ-T (Advocate)
Pansexual (Male preference)

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[Image: purple-lace-divider-by-ladymidnightsolace-d8eyc23.png]

A scholar first and foremost, Izumi is a wise, adventurous woman who's thirst for knowledge holds no bounds and the capacities of her creativity no different. The woman is a passionate storyteller who thrives on the tales and possibilities of anything believed to be merely in the realm of fantasy.

To the uninitiated, Izumi is a naturally wary woman who may come off as frosty, akward, and overtly serious upon first impressions. Yet those who have earned both her trust and respect will find a passionate, caring, and loyal freind who is there to stick around until their last breath.

Her wariness does not make her completely exempt towards acts of kindness, however, as she can be a generous soul when given the chance. The crane is an observant creature that picks up on emotions and body language and will try tethering both together in an attempt to understand others. In her benevolence, she will use this keen eye to ease one's sorrows and simmer down conflicts -- in her spite, she will use this to manipulate and mentally tear down those who open the curtains of her vexation.


[Image: 54890335_EWIrkUwAqghUjLP.png]

[Image: 55980573_fVZsZmYNR3H7H4S.png]

Currently: The Dynasty has finally settled within their new home, as Izumi and her pack work towards reinforcing the boarders, filling caches and digging out new dens. There is alot on her mind as of now, including Honoka's mention of a celebration and Aika's new love intrest -- though Izumi's sights have recently been set up on a trip across the biomes. To find out more about the other packs.

Traveling With: N/A

Located in: The Cosmic Isle


Dame: Junko Fujiwara/Hayashi ✝
Sire: Taku Fujiwara ✝
Littermate(s): Taro, Aika, Chiharu, Hikari
Mate: N/A
Children: N/A
Mentor(s): Osamu
Extended Relations

Pack History

The Fujiwara Dynasty - Meishu | Empress (December 2022 - Present)



Fun Facts

[Image: 51768567_ByZOlc6vb5K4NSr.png]

- 3 - 3 - 3 rated character

- Speaks fluently in both Common and Japanese with an audible accent. Hover for translation.

- Unless the opposite is specified in writing, Izumi is generally expressionless and straight-faced

- Scent: Wisteria petals; sweet and airy, though not in an overpowering way. Reminds her of home.

- Gait: Long, elegant strides that are gentle and soundless against the earth -- a practiced habit from her past.

- Epithet(s): Crane, Cranebird, Siamese, Princess, Tale Weaver

- Heat Cycle: November 7th - 15th & May 1st - 4th

-Additional art/Credits for art shown here can be found on Toyhouse

— Izumi is a primary toon. No thread limit.
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