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Malachi Kaene
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Malachi was born second in a litter of five to Isaac and Sarai Kaene of the Blackwood Vale in a winter both deadly and cold. His elder sibling perished shortly after birth, along with one of his younger, and left Malachi in the position of the Kaene's firstborn son, a worthy and respected title in his natal home. His parents committed themselves to raise him in the propriety of their culture and faith, as they did all their children, yet a heavier responsibility weighed on his shoulders as he grew in his puppyhood.

From the start, he proved a determined and passionate child. While he sought to respect his parents, he often butted heads with his father, who held ideals Malachi sometimes called to question. Regardless, he held high regard for both his parents and learned much under their care. Eventually, he sought to learn the ways of a chronicler and committed himself to the telling and retelling of the history of the pack.

Their land remained a haven from external threats, but the danger had begun to grow within the Vale even before Malachi and his siblings had been born. The bountiful valley attracted rival predators, and such arrivals soon became the packs' largest threat. Malachi and his siblings were taught the combat of the cats who settled there, as best as a wolf could be taught the movements of a feline. One attack led by the wolves proved much too ambitious, to Malachi's fault, and the cat escaped on his error, leaving the cat at large and Malachi with the scars to remind him of his error. However, it soon returned in a vengeful strike against the Kaene's and attacked their most vulnerable at night - Sarai's two-month-old litter of three. The Kaene's chased the cat away, but when Isaac called for another strike against the predator, he barred Malachi from coming with them for the attack.

No matter how Malachi argued, Isaac remained set in his resolve, but after they had left Malachi slipped from his watch and set after the cat, determined to kill the beast who nearly killed his younger siblings. He found the cat upon the mountainside and attacked. Unknown to him, his brother had followed him from the den. The rains proved heavy that night and drowned the already vulnerable ground. The cat tore at Malachi's just as his brother came upon the scene, and when the cat lunged, his brother charged an interception. But the rocks and the dirt shifted beneath their unbalanced weight, and before either could move, the mountain slid from beneath their feet to become a flowing river of muddy undergrowth. Both cat and wolf disappeared beneath the flow, while Malachi bled, dazed and semi-conscious, on solid ground paces from where his brother had fallen.

They found his brother's body in days to follow, and the cat's shortly after. Bearing the scars of his failure, Malachi helped his family relocate to a secure location within the Vale, but his family no longer looked upon him with the affection they once had. In its place rose a bitterness from his sister Adah, and disappointment from his ever doting parents. With the completion of their move came Isaac's suggestion Malachi leave the Vale. A banishment shrouded in gentle words, but Malachi understood and set off with only guilt and shame as his company.

The rest of Malachi's history has been lost to the mystery of the new land he has found himself in.

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Father: Isaac Kaene
Mother: Sarai Kaene
(Dec. 27, 2018) Adah (f), Benjamin (m - deceased)
(June. 2, 2020) Shiloh (m), Gideon (m), Leia (f)
(June 19, 2021) Josiah (m), Tamara (f), Michal (f), Boaz (m)

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Voice | John Cusack as Dimitri

Tall and slender, Malachi is built for speed and agility rather than for attacks demanding force or brute strength.
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