Inglorious Basterd

Played by Vami
Drizzt Riccus
Tall (36)
Fur Color
Black, Gray & Cream
Sex & Gender
Heavy (120)
Heterochromia Orange & Yellow
4 years (2019-10-13)
Mackenzie Valley
[Image: 20751374_mY8i2Sfp869EPCo.png?1611813027]
— Art by GlaciaLee


AS NPC: Drizzt often keeps to himself in Saltwoods and circles the island often while on patrol. Can be seen giving others hard stares, watching the pups (at a distance) and generally a bit agressive towards strangers.

· scents: sea-salt & often wet dog
· skills: fishing, scavenging, fighting, swimming, thieving
· face-claim: alex høgh andersen

 Bright sun flare eyes stand out from a dark masked face. A look often disgruntled and judging, if not far off and brooding. Drizzt speaks low, with moody, near monotone notes.
 Long, strong legs make for a tall wolf and support a heavy weight of compact, lean muscle. His overly large paws and high, pointed ears give him a perpetual youthfulness.
 A mixture of both dark and light coloration. His head, nape and legs going from charcoal to slate blue-gray, then ash until his torso which is majorly an off-white, pale cream. The coal color of his head and chest extend down the length of his undersides and giving a solid dark tail.
 His fur is longer in areas and tussled with unkept. Scruffy fur particularly more so around his jowls, nape, shoulders and elbows. He moves with long strides, head often low but ears erect. All these traits combined give him a rather wiry, rogue-ish look.


· alignment: chaotic neutral
· likes: deciduous forests, the ocean & coast, sparring, swimming, thieving, night walks.
· dislikes: all bark & no bite types, royal blood bitches, tundra climates, mountain regions.

 The inglorious bastard. A bitter and angry fellow from the hand which he was dealt in life. This poor boy was just never really loved as a child and it shows. Born an unwanted bastard whose mother would abandon, instead of trying to be more than what had been expected of him, Drizzt has grown into the role quite well. He has learned to embrace his low status in the world and truly enjoys being an asshole. He is the essense of a no good pirate.
 A bit self-loathing and tends to take this aggression out on others. Drizzt has quite a short fuse and those which gain his respect are often those which did so by force. Drizzt is not particularly a social butterfly (he tends to 'find use' for others then actually care for them) yet those which wriggle themselves into his fold he is an unwavering ally and extremely protective, if even a bit possessive.
 Drizzt is a drifter naturally and has spent his life on the move the majority of his life. Extremely adaptive of new terrain and climates, though has his favorites. While he may cast an eye to many a beautiful woman, his only love is the sea.


· mother: mercedes
· father: unknown
· adopted mother: rhea (actual aunt)
· brothers: n/a
· sisters: n/a

· lover:
· mate:
· sons:
· daughters:

Recent Location

Drizzt has most recently been in Gomeisa’s Ruins, Saltwoods, Raven Rock.

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