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a wolf and animal rpg (role-playing game)

Canis is a writing community for play-by-post (forum-based), freeform roleplay set in a fictional dream world in the intrusion fantasy genre. Most characters on Canis are wolves; many play elements are focused around wolves and canids, but the world makes room for a large variety of other animal characters such as dogs, horses, cats, bears, deer, and many, many more.

Our community is focused on flexibility, creativity, and collaboration. That boils down to a few important features:

  • There is no set activity requirement to write
  • The setting and plot are member-created and staff-supported
  • The game is continuously improved to increase fun and decrease stress

Learn more in our Rulebook!

Behemoth’s Brim

Jutting out into the sea is a desolate shoreline made of ragged slate and shale. It is a place of nightmares, with barren trees piercing the thick fog that always seems to hover over the blackened stone. Disembodied sounds and whispering voices send chills down your spine, their source nowhere to be found.


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