x May 27: Haldis has disbanded
x May 25: Warcrest has disbanded
x May 25: Damastor has disbanded


The herbs listed in the compendium should only be used for writing purposes in role play and are not a guide for real life use as they can lead to harmful effects.

[Image: peppermint.jpg]
Edible Medicinal
Found during: Spring, Summer, Autumn

For being an overly common plant, Peppermint looks very similar to many other varieties of the Mentha family and might be confused as young Stinging Nettle to the untrained eye. The difference is that it, obviously, has a very clear minty odor. It can be found nearly everywhere but it is commonly found near streams and other wet areas. The whole plant is edible. It can aid in treating irritable bowel, stomach upset, digestive issues, aid in breastfeeding, ease heartburn, help migraines, and relieve a tension headache. It also has a calming effect to those who find its scent calming.

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