North: Mongolian Steppe
South: Great Plains

A stretch of predominantly flat grasslands and gentle rolling hills. This land is susceptible to mild humidity and precipitation with rainfall more likely in the warmer months. Due to the vast openness, high winds are a common occurrence followed by sudden changes in temperatures. The northern plains are harsher than the south.

Floral Meadow

Dappled with a multitude of different flowers and colours, these rolling hills are a sight to behold. Trees break up the scenery while the hills seem to continue on for an eternity, with a variety of flowers and berries that go almost beyond one’s imagination. Bears are often found here snacking on the fruit, but with the abundance of food they are no trouble to travelers — if left unbothered.

Lapis Nestle (discovering)

A charming open woodland, with an abundance of trees overlapping and interlinking. Enchantingly beautiful with the myriad of blue & lilac hues of the wildflowers densely covering the floor. It is the perfect haven for the plethora of morpho butterflies you’ll find soaring throughout these woods; from which the title of ‘Lapis’ derives from the small forest.

Rocky Outcrops

A grassy field with rocks sticking up out of the ground all over like jagged claws reaching out from beneath the earth.

The Watering Hole

A fat lake sits atop this low-lying plane near the center of the grasslands. Many rivers and streams travel into this pool forming what has come to be one of the largest water sources for miles. Various types of prey gather at this peaceful lake to rest by the water, though few stay long as there is little shelter from the elements and predators.

Tumultuous Rest

No trees grow here, only moss and some grass between the stones and boulders that claim this hillside as their home. In certain spots, edible berries can be found in prickly bushes for those who are willing to deal with thorns for the sweet treat. Thorns are not the only danger, however, as cougars also prowl these hills.

Windshear Mesa (discovering)

A sizable mesa jutting from the rolling stretches of open plains. Eons of erosion have stripped the sides to reveal layers of multicolor rock stacked horizontally, but not uniformly. Hardy any flora flourishes in the sweltering sun of the plains, but the shade cast by the stone in the mornings and evenings have allowed for a wide diversity of trees and plants to take root near the base. The sheer cliffs make ascending the landmark difficult, but not impossible for a willing adventurer. Tucked into the northern arms of the canyon are several hazardous trails that twist their way to the tabletop summit where the undaunted are rewarded with a stunning view of the surrounding area. The sunrise over the golden grassland sea to the east, or sunset behind the jagged peaks to the west, is nothing short of breathtaking.

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