Vicious, and merciless; the Nightwalkers are a group akin to a mafia. Those who join wish to be a part of something bigger, better, than standing alone. Their goal? Take over as much land as possible by force if necessary. To be welcomed as a Nightwalker means you have accepted to be a part of their "family", and family never turns their back on family. Ever.


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“ Once you're in, you're in. ”

Acronym: NW
Founded: 18/02/2021
Founding Boss: Vengeance Rache

Allies: Empyrean
Tentative Allies: None
Hostile: Elkshire (please note, this isn't set in stone IC, Vengeance wishes to start something between the packs to break the alliance but nothing has happened yet. it is official however that ES no longer has ally protection against NW)

Current Leaders
 Boss (Leader): Vengeance Rache 18/03/2021
 Scion (Heir): Almight Rache 26/11/2021
 Consigliere (Second Leader): Morag 11/01/2022

Currently, non-wolves are not allowed to join the ranks. Mixed breeds are welcome to join however, should Vengeance know of their lineage, they risk getting rejected, cast out, castrated, or killed.

 Alduin A dog who seems to be causing trouble in Temperate. Vengeance wants him gone.
 Nyra She is allied with a dog, we didn't like how suspicious she acted, treat her the same as the dog.
 Zella After striking a deal with the Warlord (albeit against her wishes), Zella has turned her back on the Nightwalkers and abandoned them without a word. For this, she is a traitor and her corpse is wanted to be brought back to Vengeance.
 Amata From day 1 Amata was a pain in the Warlord's ass. She showed no desire to participate as a pack and spoke back at every opportunity. Once punished for her insubordination, she left like the coward Vengeance believed her to be taking with her a Nightwalker pup. She is to be brought back dead.
 Leviathan Once he left with Amata even knowing her status in the pack, Leviathan left with her. He is considered a traitor to the pack and to be brought back dead or alive for appropriate punishment.

Allies are considered to be "untouchable". Attacking a member from any allied pack without reason is considered treason and is punishable by the laws of the Nightwalkers. However, the same treatment is expected from allies toward Nightwalker members.

Marked are individuals who have a bounty on their head. They are wanted dead or alive, their bodies or heads delivered to the Boss as proof in order to claim the bounty. Rewards vary by individual and instance.

 Boss: none
  00/00/0000 to 00/00/0000
 Scion: none
  00/00/0000 to 00/00/0000
 Consigliere: Caligula
  16/04/2021 to 15/01/2022

 0 ♂ · 0 ♀ · 0 ⚥
 00 Adults · 0 Pups
 6 Births ·  Deaths

Stats are a WIP if i miss anything, please let me know!



— The Boss' word is law. To disobey is punishable.

— Fighting between members is encouraged. Strength and aggression is what makes a good Nightwalker.

— Should someone call for a meeting at the border, questioning comes first. Information is power.

— Trespassers are to be attacked, if not killed on sight if they do not wish to join the ranks with some persuasion.

Please note that it is common knowledge that Morag is Vengeance's main squeeze and he will get aggressive toward any male who has the intention to, or has mated with her during her heat. When Morag is not in heat, she may sleep with whomever she desires
Potential punishments are as follows

Level one: Demotion, you must work your way back up the ranks.

Level two: Permanently demoted to Rat without being able to challenge for higher ranks until further notice.

Level three: Potentially killed on sight.


Ranks can be found Here until the site has its own build-in system! It is easier to edit a google doc than it is to edit a compendium.

Certain ranks can be challenged by lower ranks which will encourage a constant shift in the ranks and allow the strongest at the higher ranks. Below is an explanation of which ranks can be challenged.

Boss, Capo, Ruffian, and Thug CAN be challenged by any lower-ranking member of the pack.

Scion can be challenged only by other blood relatives of the current Boss.

Consigliere can only be challenged by a soon-to-be demoted Consigliere due to lack of numbers.

Enforcer CANNOT be challenged.

Challenge Cooldown: After a rank challenge, players should give a month before challenging that character again or to try and take away their new rank. This is to reduce frustration OOC or exhaustion from constantly being challenged.


— All Nightwalker females have the right to breed

— Female Nightwalkers can only breed with Nightwalker men who are on the accepted list below

— Only accepted males may breed with Nightwalker females

— Men who are not on the list below may breed with outsider females

Under Vengeance’s law, it is unlikely he will let any other male breed with Nightwalker females unless they are his own sons, or trusted members of the pack. Anyone he does not see in high regard and is a male, and if found breeding with any Nightwalker females may result in injury, emasculation, banishment, or death of the parents and/or litter.

Accepted Breeding Males
— Vengeance
— Almight
— Aries

How to be added to the list above
- Activity    - Longevity of time spent in the ranks
- Participation - Being on good terms with the current Boss IC

Blackwood Reach's Map

[Image: Nightwalkers.jpg?width=1560&height=1170]
— map made by Noki

Nightwalker Playlist


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