Vicious, and merciless; the Nightwalkers are a group of soldiers, mercenaries, criminals, or anyone else who believe in the power of strength above all else. The pack's wellbeing is placed above all personal beliefs or individual needs.

Located in Blackwood Reach


Acronym: NW
Founded: 18/03/2021
Founding Warlord: Vengeance Rache

Allies: Empyrean, and Elkshire
Tentative Allies: Event Horizon
Hostile: none

Current Leaders
 Warlord: Vengeance Rache
 General: none

Currently, non-wolves are not allowed to join the ranks. Mixed breeds are welcome to join however, should Vengeance know of their lineage, they risk getting rejected, cast out, castrated, or killed.

Kyeza, this female came to our borders demanding a high rank. When rejected and expected to work as any other member, she expected an immediate alliance without anything proving her worth as an ally. Due to her blatant disrespect and demanding attitude, Vengeance has placed a mark on this nameless female. Please note her name is currently unknown, so is her base of operation. More information on her and her "group" is an order if killing her on sight is not an option.
[Image: unknown.png]
Allies are considered to be "untouchable". Attacking a member from any allied pack without reason is considered treason and is punishable by the laws of the Nightwalkers. However, the same treatment is expected from allies toward Nightwalker members.

Marked are individuals who have a bounty on their head. They are wanted dead or alive, their bodies or heads delivered to the Warlord as proof in order to claim the bounty. Rewards vary by individual and instance.

 Warlord: none
  00/00/0000 to 00/00/0000
 General: none
  00/00/0000 to 00/00/0000


Ranks are earned through IC participation and in character trust between members. Ranks are not handed out through OOC agreements or requests. Please do not ask for a high rank through OOC means. Every rank within the pack is listed as highest to lowest. The Warlord's word is law and their decision is final. Generals are acting Warlords when the current one steps away from the pack, and often leads their own platoons in war and during hunts. Read more on future ranks here until they are implemented on Canis

Rank Challenges

Rank challenges are encouraged among members. Act your rank, or lose it to someone who will. Ranks will be handed out at first when they are available to those deserving, but if someone in character decides that they are more deserving of the title, challenges will always be open.

Should the current Warlord not trust a member enough to grant them the new rank - their promotion may not be granted even after their victory. Please remember to respect each player and keep all challenges for In Character reasons.

Alpha challenge

Anyone is welcome to challenge the current Warlord for the rank. Remember if your character is not liked within the pack, the members are allowed to band together and dethrone the current Warlord - and choose a new one among themselves, whether it is by voting, or fighting among themselves for the most suited.

A current Warlord who loses a rank challenge is demoted to the rank that the new Warlord desires. Generals are next in line for Warlord and follow the same challenging rules. Should a Warlord die or disappear with no challenge issued to take their position, the next Warlord is the General with seniority in the pack.


[Image: dbgn8yw-904731c9-7704-4c73-854c-251ef2fe1184.png]


Must get the approval of the Warlord before you breed. Failure to do so may be the cause of punishment which could be; banishment, death of the litter, death of the parents, etc… at the decision of the current Warlord.

Under Vengeance’s law, it is unlikely he will let any other male breed with Nightwalker females unless they are his own sons, or trusted members of the pack. Anyone he does not see in high regard and is a male, and if found breeding with any females may result in injury, banishment, or death. Males are welcome to breed with non-Nightwalker females if they desire to do so at any time without the Warlord's blessing as it does not affect NW members directly.

[Image: dbgn8v8-e0d11afe-8275-4e28-b9d0-69c377b82fe8.png]

— skull pixel from asralore and akumiirako
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