A mountain rises up through fog and mist, its true height masked by a thick, towering forest along its base. At a glance, Morðfjall seems like an impenetrable fortress. While home to many features that make it appealing, its most outstanding hallmark is a shorn-off rock wall—the remnants of a rockslide from centuries ago—that remains a pitfall for the unenlightened and unaware.

Feral and wild, the wolves of Hrafnsvaktin are a hardy bunch. They are all survivors in some way. Here, wolves will be given a chance at a new beginning, the sins of their past lives forgotten in exchange for their utmost loyalty, and given new names to go by within the bounds of Morðfjall. Territorial and protective of their own, the members of Hrafnsvaktin do not divulge much to outsiders unless they feel they are worthy in some way.

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