Maelstrom Bay (discovering)

Maelstrom Bay (discovering)

Maelstrom Bay is a black-sanded bay edged against lush forests. The coastline varies in height, coming to sea level in southern reaches, and is peppered with waterfalls to the sea. This area is prone to high winds, vicious sea currents, and frequent thunderstorms.


In the northern section, where the cliffs tower over the sea, various rivers let out to the sea in waterfalls - most of which are met with violent winds that blow them upwards into a mesmerizing mist. Humid almost year-round, the forest that borders is covered in lichen, moss, and dense undergrowth. Coniferous trees partner with birch and cottonwoods to blackout the skies. They disperse as one descends to the shores, where black sands spread far and wide in the deltas to meet the crashing waves.

This location was discovered by our members!

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