Bluewater Lake

Bluewater Lake

Nestled in a forked ring of jagged peaks, a bright pool of glacier-blue water forms a lake at the base of a broad, magnificent waterfall. During Spring and Summer months, the area surrounding the lake is carpeted with herbs and flora that benefit from the nutrient-rich soil, and in the Autumn, dozens of beautiful wildflowers bloom. The waterfall is perennial, freezing over only in the coldest of winters though the majority of the lake itself freezes perfectly clear in the areas along the shore.


Juh'harah is a pack that focuses on the continual practice of the old wolf ways and strongly turns its back on anything deemed modern; religion, the acceptance of non-canines into the pack, and clothing. The old wolf ways prioritize family, both blood and found, a deep respect for nature, and the focus on rearing children to one day be wolves as loyal to the pack's beliefs as their caregivers. At its core, Juh'harah is a pack for those of neutral nature, they're a people who are neither heroes nor villains and prefer their solitude greatly; scarcely aligning with neighbors, and rarely involving themselves in matters outside of the pack.

Above all, Juh'harah is seen as a refuge, and anyone looking to find purpose will have it offered in abundance.

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