Bluewater Lake (discovering)

Bluewater Lake (discovering)

Nestled in a forked ring of jagged peaks, a bright pool of glacier-blue water forms a lake at the base of a broad, magnificent waterfall. During Spring and Summer months, the area surrounding the lake is carpeted with herbs and flora that benefit from the nutrient-rich soil, and in the Autumn, dozens of beautiful wildflowers bloom. The waterfall is perennial, freezing over only in the coldest of winters though the majority of the lake itself freezes perfectly clear in the areas along the shore.


This location was discovered by our members!

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Application Thread

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+4 submitted by Orlaith 04-19-2022 Awarded by gerra 04-19-2022
+2 submitted by Moosebellow 03-10-2022 Awarded by Aso 03-10-2022
+3 submitted by Miriams 12-01-2021 Awarded by Aso 12-02-2021
+1 submitted by Miriams 12-01-2021 Awarded by Aso 12-01-2021
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