Nestled in an unforgiving snowy realm, the wolves of Winterhelm are known for their lineage of warriors and giants in stature. Resilience and survival are their lifeblood, and they prioritize their kingdom's perpetuation above all else. Survival and the maintenance of their dominion are paramount, and they are willing to make tough choices to protect their kingdom. In Winterhelm, only the strongest, both physically and in spirit, can navigate the unforgiving terrain and lay claim to this icy domain.


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“ Vengeance is ours. We will repay. ”
Nestled within the unforgiving embrace of a snowy, northern realm lies Winterhelm, a kingdom as enduring and unyielding as the stark environment that cradles it. The wolves of Winterhelm bear a lineage that threads back to their ancestors, renowned as warriors, giants in stature, and unswerving in spirit.


Shorthand: WH.
Pack Foundation Date: 10/16/2023.
Winterhelm seeks wolves who are no stranger to the cold, and are willing to prove themselves apt and able to handle harsh duty.
Wolves devoted to Winterhelm must prove thusly to enter the pack, this is through demonstration of their skills and abilities. They must not only prove their devotion, but also their worth. This often means hunting alongside others, tracking, or showcasing their defensive capabilities. It's crucial for these new members to align themselves with Winterhelm's core values, like resilience, honor, and loyalty. Their actions and behavior should be inherent to them, and be almost a second-nature to truly become one with the pack. Once a newcomer has shown their commitment and earned their place, they are officially recognized as part of the pack — this recognition is amplified by the new packmate taking an oath, and accepting their new chosen rank.

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Winterhelm wolves are expected to hold their loyalty and devotion as the paramount virtues they are, with each member wholeheartedly committed to the pack's well-being. In the throes of the harshest winters, they must know they can rely on each other to see the new spring. This unwavering commitment is accompanied by a profound respect for the pack's hierarchy; both in verbal interactions and through body language, such as submissive gestures when addressing higher-ranked individuals. Honor and integrity are deeply ingrained values, and wolves are expected to uphold principles of honesty and honorable conduct. Deception or any act that might betray the pack's trust is considered a serious transgression.

“Issa āeksio / riñnykeā”“My lord / My lady”
A greeting directed towards those of high rank.

“Aōha dārōñe”"Your grace..”
A greeting directed towards those of royal status.

“Ondoso aōha henujagon”“By your leave..”
A courteous way of seeking permission.

“Hae ao udrāzma”“As you command..”
A respectful acknowledgement of order.

“Sȳrī rhēdan”“Well met”
A friendly term, often a greeting.

“Sōnar's angogon”“Winter’s bite”
A reference to the harsh environment they inhabit.

“Rigle se heruch”“Honor the hierarchy”
A reminder to know your place.

“Ondoso se owlig jelmio”“By the howling wind”
A remark of shock or surprise.

“Scent hen arghugon”“Scent of the hunt”
A reference to one’s hunting instincts.

Phrases can be added to this lexicon when used in-character and spread.

⚔︎ Loyalty to the pack above all else is non-negotiable. Any actions that betray the pack's trust are strictly forbidden.
⚔︎ All pack members must show respect and deference to those of higher rank, both in word and deed.
⚔︎ Any wolf may challenge a higher-ranking pack member for their position, but only through honorable combat.
⚔︎ Betrayal of the pack, such as sharing its secrets or endangering its safety, carries severe consequences, which may include expulsion or death.
⚔︎ In disputes, combat must be fought honorably, and the vanquished must accept the outcome with grace.
⚔︎ Winterhelm's territory is sacred, and any intrusion is met with resistance; if they cannot be brought to the nobility for judgment, they are to be treated lethally.
⚔︎ Sexism is met with harsh consequences. Both sexes within Winterhelm are considered equal and will be treated as such.

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Keisari - Stands as the pinnacle of authority within Winterhelm. Her role encompasses guiding the Kingdom, nurturing a climate of loyalty, and steering crucial decisions, all in harmonious partnership with her counterpart, the Hilmar.
Hilmar - Serves as the commander-in-chief and the enforcer of duty within the realm. The Hilmar takes charge of the military, orchestrates war efforts when the need arises, and ensures order amongst the ranks of Winterhelm.
Draegonar - The Draegonar, the esteemed heir to the Winterhelm throne, is groomed for leadership from an early age, undergoing a rigorous education in the intricacies of ruling. Their right to rule is not handed down but earned through merit and dedication. The Draegonar is expected to take on a second rank, typically serving within the Kingdom's military.
Valyrikar / Valyriel - The Valyrikar and Valyriel, the esteemed prince and princess of Winterhelm, are sons, daughters, or siblings of the ruling monarchs. In Winterhelm, it is customary for the Valyrikar and Valyriel to maintain a second rank within the pack's hierarchy, akin to the Draegonar's role; this ensures they are pulling their weight.

Acting Keisari — @Khione
Acting Hilmar — @Adonis
The current Draegonar is disputed.
Active Valyrikar / Valyriel — @Ludon, @Venaday, @Adorre

Vor'nyr - The right hand to the Keisari. The responsibilities of the Vor'nyr are plenty, beginning with council and ending with filling the roles of the Keisari in the case of her absence. The Vor'nyr is a trusted ally of the Keisari and a highly respected individual within Winterhelm.
Drakrisar - A strong and battle hardened individual. The Drakrisar is revered for their skill in battle, their resilience in times of war, and mind for strategy. The Drakrisar is a wolf close in station to the Hilmar, regarded highly as his right hand.
Líknarherra - The lead healer or other times referred to as Mage. The Líknarherra holds great knowledge of herbs and plant life, using their skill to lead the healers beneath them. The Líknarherra is a wise wolf, usually older in age, but this is not always the case.
Vakdraumar - The 'interpreter of dreams'. The Vakdraumar of Winterhelm is a highly spiritual individual, considered the closest wolf to Winterhelm's praised deity. The Vakdraumar is heeded as wise council during times of strife, and often consulted.
Skaar - A highly stealthy individual, heeded as the head of Sentries and Sparrows within Winterhelm. The Skaar is a wolf fleet of foot and swift, capable of sneaking to and fro without being detected by rival wolves or packs.

Vor'nyr — @Aruna
Drakrisar — @Cain
Líknarherra — @...
Vakdraumar — @...
Skaar — @...

Ravenga - The Ravenga are the epitome of valor and strength, Knights sworn to protect Winterhelm and its territory. A guardian with unyielding loyalty, the Ravenga stands at the forefront of defense, always ready to defend their packmates. They lead with courage, integrity, and chivalry, embodying the principles of honor and duty.
Vakther - The Vakther are watchful individuals who behave as the pack's vigilant eyes and ears, entrusted with the task of monitoring the surrounding territory and assessing potential threats. They relay valuable information to the pack's leadership, helping to formulate defensive strategies.
Hersir - The Hersir are staunch defenders entrusted with the responsibility of safeguarding the Winterhelm wolves and land. Tasked with patrolling the rugged and unforgiving terrain, their watchful presence is a bulwark against intruders and external threats.
Sylvaros - The Sylvaros are tasked with the art of gathering intelligence used in times of war or conflict from both within and beyond the realm. Like a hawk in flight, their watchful eyes miss nothing, and they possess the keen ability to move unnoticed in the world.

Ravenga — @...
Vakther — @...
Hersir — @...
Sylvaros — @...

Storslakt - The Storslakt specialize in bringing down large game. They are responsible for ambushing, and capturing substantial prey like deer, boar, and other sizable game animals. Their expertise ensures a steady supply of meat to feed the Pack.
Pyra - The Pyra focuses on stockpiling and ensuring the longevity of food resources. They are skilled in preservation techniques and storing away food for later consumption. They also guard the resources, and determine who eats what.
Velerzian - The Velerzian excel in tracking prey and navigating the wilderness. They use their keen senses and knowledge of the land to locate and pursue quarry effectively. Their expertise is instrumental in guiding Storslakt and ensuring successful hunts.
Lokjager - The Lokjager are wily and cunning specialists of the hunt, focusing on the art of chasing, baiting, and luring prey. Their expertise lies in the use of various techniques to deceive and capture elusive quarry.

Storslakt — @...
Pyra — @...
Velerzian — @...
Lokjager — @...

Sarion - The Sarion are skilled healers, shamans and caretakers of the Pack. They are well-versed in the arts of herbalism and first aid, with an extensive knowledge of plants and their medicinal properties. Maesters tend to the injured and unwell.
Vyruscept - The Vyruscept are wise and experienced wolves who serve as advisors and counselors to the pack, especially to high-ranking members. Their role extends beyond logistical responsibilities; they are also revered for their sagacity and guidance.
Verndari - The Verndari are responsible for assisting with various communal tasks, such as caring for the young, maintaining public den areas, and ensuring the comfort of their packmates. Attendants may choose to rank here, but it can also be a rank of punishment.
Unkastor - The Unkastor are newcomers, younger individuals, or wolves who have not yet gained recognition within the Pack. Those unproven are often eager to demonstrate their worth. Unproven will often be pushed around, or simply not tolerated.

Sarion — @Adorre
Vyruscept — @...
Verndari — @...
Unkastor — @Vhaenyra, @Yvaine, @Ragweed, @Whitewall

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Many of the practices of Winterhelm have been carried on since it was formed, however, they are ever-changing and evolving around the way the pack is led and lived in. Crueler practices as well as gentler ones have come and gone, all hinged on the current status and direction of the pack. However, one thing will never change: Winterhelm will never forget the season it has its roots in, having grown used to and adapted for snow almost all-year round. The longest of blizzards are nothing but mere hurdles for those born and bred withWinterhelm's blood in their veins — with even the youngest of pups proving to be hardy against the frost and illness inherent to the cold. All of this is held in equilibrium with a respect for the wintertime and the forces that drive it generation after generation; it is said you can never take the northern wind out of a Winterhelm wolf once they have bore its mark.

SŌNAR'S ĒLĪ ARGHUGON — Winter's First Hunt,

ĀNOGAR LETAGON — The Blood Bonding Ritual,


MŌRĪ LIMAGON HEN SŌNAR — Last Howl of Winter,


BANTIS VĀEDAR LILAGON — The Nightsong Dance,

LETAGON HEN PRŪMI — Tie of Hearts,


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