Bowels of Adhara

Bowels of Adhara

A large wetland that is always covered in water and dominated by trees and deceivingly long grasses. The mud below the water's surface is thick, sticky, and deep meaning that any who aren't cautious can find themselves stuck. The swamp will sometimes bubble, releasing gases, which gives the swamp a foul odor.


A foul smelling swamp that is the result of gasses being released from the mud below the dark waters. Fallen logs and rocks can act as foot holds for those who want to travel through these lands, but beware of falling in. In some areas the mud is so thick, sticky and deep it can easily become a trap to prey and predators like. Many perish by the promise of easy food when prey are found stuck in its grasp, or are annoyed to the point of never returning again by the blood sucking insects. Marsh deer, rats, mice, beavers, fish, crawfish, various birds and reptiles provide plenty of prey - but beware, cottonmouth snakes, alligators and crocodiles also lurk in these swamps. Some even say a large python or anaconda calls this bog home, but it's certainly a rumor... right?
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