Characterized by unwavering loyalty, justice, and strength, the wolves of Velaris are the pinnacle of fortified integrity. The peaks they dwell between speak volumes of their attributes; untamed highlands and plummeting valleys, these wolves bear cold exteriors and vigorous perseverance. They are firm believers in pulling their own weight and care deeply about each packmate.

The pack places great emphasis as a working, unified body. Both male and female hold equal standing within the pack and are recognized as possessing the same intelligence and strength.

This pack has disbanded.

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Founded 16 August 2023
Acronym VL

Sévir (Seh - vir ) | @Faust
Forelsket | N/A

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Velaris has been founded. — 08/16/2023
always subject to change.


Keepers of their vale. Velaris is an open city and allies itself with positive morality to serve the purpose of protecting one's own. The official language of Velaris is Valyrian.

 At its heart, Velarions are a robust, determined pack who value morality, character, and allegiance to their own blood and brood. There is no tolerance for weakness. Many can describe these wolves to be ‘savage’ or ‘hostile,’ but their loyalty to one another aids in prosperity and serving the common good. They are known for their impeccable tenacity and passion above all else. The vale strongly believes in the well-being of the brood as a whole, as opposed to placing a unique emphasis on the individual. It does not seek to deify one wolf, one soul, rather, they emphasize the passion and connection between one another. Their relationship with the highland is a delicate balance of give and take that must be observed. This harmonious kinship with the natural world gives life to a Velarion’s spirituality and purpose. The wolves of the vale possess a devotive affinity for the land they live on. Given the harsh, brutal conditions, they value this beloved kinship and are rewarded with safety and fruitful fields.
Pack necessities
Members of all kinds— particularly hunters!
None as of now!
Pack ratio (M:F)

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Sévir ( Seh - vir ) -  Leading alpha male. It is his responsibility for the safety, peace, and major decisions in the pack alongside his leading pair of choice. The Sévir retains dominance by not only physical strength but degree of loyalty and honesty.
Elska ( Ell - skuh ) -  Leading alpha female. Alongside her counterpart, she is responsible for the safety and peace of her pack. She retains dominance by not only her physical strength, loyalty, and honesty, but by the well-being that she provides.

  Sévir held & unchallenged by ; @Faust

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Toska ( Toh - skuh ) (1) -  Lead spiritual leader. Typically female, as the name denotes a spiritual cosmic woman. Gender does not necessarily matter. It is Toska's job to guide rituals and host a multitude of events and gatherings. As well, they are the direct communicator of the stars. They are required to be devout and in-tune with the religion.

If the Lightbringer pair dies suddenly without an heir, it is their job to elect a new Sévir at their own discretion.

  Toska held & unchallenged by ; N / A

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Tuhka ( Too - kuh ) - Elders within the pack. They have no designated role as they have already served the vale with great measure and valor. They are honored greatly.
Saorsa ( Soor - suh ) - Expectant mothers within the pack. They are void of having to complete daily tasks and should only tend to themselves during this time.
Pups ( Puh - p ) - Young children within the pack that do not have cordial laws. The youth are greatly valued and are welcome to venture anywhere they please. Too young to bear tasks.


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Warmaster 1/1 - Head of the protection forces of the vale. It is their job to ensure the borders from outsiders. They are also in charge of their inferiors.
Sentinels ( Sen - tin - ell ) - Default protectors of the vale. Known for their skill in battle. They are the first responders to the front lines of war. They are built machines meant for offensive combat.
Guardians ( Garr - dee - enn ) -  Protectors of the vale. Known for their robust nature. Typically found on the borders and the main perpetrators for marking the territory.

    - @Raenar
    - @Prvak

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Spymaster 1/1 - Head of the scouts and serves as a personal assailant and spy for the Lightbringer pair. They are the jack of their trade and are known for being a shadowsinger.
Shade ( Shh - ayy -d ) - a functioning spy and scout for the lands. These members are lean, agile, and typically less bulky in size when it comes to Sentintels or Guardians. It is their job to respond to diplomacy across the lands when the Sévir is unable to attend. They can be gone for stretches of time as they gather valuable information for the Sévir to judge.

    - @Tamir
    - @Mia
    - @Savan

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Kalon (Kall - awn ) 0/3 - Lead hunters within the ranks that organize pack hunts to take down large bodies of prey. They look after the lower hunters, and trappers, and advise and teach them.
Trapper ( trah - per ) -  Hunters within the pack that provide small game bites to eat. They put it in the communal pile within the pack and are able to take bites first if the hunt is com-memorable enough. These wolves can come in all shapes and sizes. Typical small-game hunters are small and lean in size, whereas large-game are bulkier and stockier.

    - @Proxima
    - N / A
    - N / A
    - N/A

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Kallista ( Kall - iss - tuh ) 0/2 - Lead shamans that prevail with all sorts of medicine. They are experts in their trade. They are first responders to injured wolves, and sickness, and should know herbs like the pack of their paws.
Shaman ( Shah - muhn ) -  Healers in the pack that practice medicine and undersee the Kallista’s. Their training can come primarily from the Kallista or their own outside knowledge. With special permission, they are allowed to dabble in poison-making.

    - @Tove
    - N / A
    - N/A

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Rout ( Root ) - Those without a rank within Velaris. They have not yet proven themselves in a task. Typically those that are still in the ‘trial period’ or yearlings. Known as ‘Omegas’ in other terms.
Outsider ( Owwt - siderr ) -  Outsiders to the pack. Could be prospective new members. They are not free to attend ceremonies or festivals that are sacred to the Star Mother. They are the last to feed after a kill. Often times can be pushed around without punishment. *Permission to kill is never an option regardless of IC motives.

    - @Inej
    - @Nightingale
    - @Vahaelarr
    - @Gjalla

Exiled ( ... ) - Those who have been exiled from the Vale. Kill on sight if they have been seen wandering the valley. It will be known to the entirety of the pack if a member has been banished.

    - N / A
    - N / A

credits to @Riannon for inspiration!

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all festivals are held in the heart of the Vale, the wildflower valley.

Aurion Strife

The Aurion Strife is a coming-of-age ceremony that starts the transition from whelping puphood to the apprentice year. Pups breaching one year of age will be able to choose a trade that they wish to learn more about, and ultimately master in their later years. The leaders of these trades will take it upon themselves to teach the pups under a mentorship. This celebration can last for about a week with a plethora of food and typical traditional dances given by the new adolescents themselves.

Birth of the Heirs

The Birth of the Heirs is a celebration of the effect that the Elska is currently pregnant. At the mark of her pregnancy, there will be a celebration beneath the stars of a joint prayer led by the Toska. When the litter is born and the pups are walking age, they will make their debut for the pack to see their future leaders. It is a joyous occasion for all and will be a festival lasting about a few days revolving around nights full of food, dance, and song. At the end of the last night of the festival, the pups will linger underneath the night sky and be blessed under the Star Mother’s light.


A union between two wolves deserve celebration of love, happiness, and good fortune. Wolves in the pack can breed outside of wedlock, but monogamy is heavily favored within the Vale. The Toska will typically bless the pair at sunset, and the night will end in song and dance, the newly wedded pair leading the first dance.

Blood Rite

The Blood Rite is a mandatory rite that up-and-coming members of the warfront, shadowwalkers, and the huntsman. During this Rite, a duo or trio at a time will make their journey up the deadliest, tallest, steepest peak of the Roost. This trek is not for the faint of heart. The Rite is traditionally completed during the transition from winter to spring. Once at the top of the mountain, the wolves who have made it will slice their paw to draw blood on the Rite Stone and will then be accepted as full-fledged members. If a prospective member fails, they will have to wait a full year to complete the rite once more.


Starfall is a festival that happens at the changing of the seasons. During the cusp of night when the stars 'fall' from the sky, there will be a celebration that the season has shifted. That the souls from the Depths have relinquished themselves to the Empirium for retribution. This festival calls for decorative colors— berries, mainly, that are squashed into paste and etched onto the Velarions faces. Commemorative dances and a feast follow suit.

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12-25-2023 Velaris was disbanded by Canis Major
09-02-2023 Velaris was formed by Valk
08-16-2023 Velaris was updated by Aso
08-16-2023 Velaris was approved by Aso
08-16-2023 Velaris was submitted by Faust

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