The Northeastern region where Gomeisa’s Ruins remain.

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If one risks adventure here they will find an unforgiving spot of land that houses a large, gloomy, medieval-style castle with a hauntingly grim past. Usually shrouded in thick layers of fog and hardly ever seen from afar, Banesteppe could give even the bravest a run for their money. Beyond the castle stretches a rotting town.

Gomeisa’s Ruins

Deep in the heart of an overgrown jungle sits crumbling ruins that once resembled a temple. There are pillars and blocks of stone now adorned with moss, vines, or the roots of trees. Those who journey deep inside may find colorful gems and bones, but more noteworthy are the detailed stone sculptures of wolves. Any attempts to leave territorial indication here seems to disappear...

Highvalley Hollow

Nestled between the mountains is a hollow that from the inside, looks perfectly protected by the towering heights surrounding it. The lowest point of the mountains is a hollow little valley. Wildflowers color the place in the Spring and the Summer, but in the Winter the Hollow is colorless. There used to be trees here, but rockslides have caused all but a few to fall. The outer corners of the Hollow are easy obstacle courses to navigate; rare flowers find their home here, making any obstacle worth it when they are in bloom.

Mojito Beach

A welcome sight for nonexistent tourists, this tropical beach comes complete with white sands, coconut palms, and two seasons: dry, and wet. During the dry season the temperature rarely falls below 65 degrees Fahrenheit and is perfect for those that like warm places. The ecology of the animals mirrors that of the Caribbean. Further inland, the beach reveals broadleaf forests with a variety of fruiting trees and animals.

Raven Rock

The world is black here: the sand, the rocks, even what few trees survive are darker than normal. From the mainland, the rugged island seems mostly barren and unforgiving - though many seabirds make their nests on its cliffs during the Spring and Summer months. A dark sandbar connects one shoreline to another at low tide.

Reclaimed Roots

A tree has long taken over these buildings as its roots now dig in to reclaim what was once stolen from it. Falling debris is a constant worry within these buildings despite how inviting they may seem. Wild dogs seem to be drawn here through sheer instinct as if something calls for them. Chickens call this place home and roost in many hard to reach places.


In stark contrast to its neighboring island Raven Rock, Saltwoods is a vibrant place full of thriving coastal life. Although the shoreline here is a bit rocky the sands are soft and pristine in their coloration. The coastline rises into rolling hills that are covered with thick trees and wildflowers growing in the open spaces between. Low tide is often the best time to visit the beach for it is not uncommon that the shore may disappear beneath high tide or during heavy storms.

Stone Mountain

Stone Mountain is a squat, lowly mountain that is not at all impressive by means of its altitude. Contrary to its name, the place is more than simply stones; it is a place rife with greenery of nearly every sort. Forgiving toward every level of climber, Stone Mountain is a gentle place with a variety of wild fauna. Predators seem to know this, though, and so it is not at all uncommon to see that sort lurk here too.

Sundered Roost

A vale secluded between dueling mountain peaks, the Sundered Roost is famed for its incredible, starry nightscapes, luscious, fertile valley, and turbulent river rapids. The cliffs reach so far into the sky that rumor has it that you can even touch the stars. The mountains are armored well with hallowed caves and hidden shelves, perfect for a makeshift fortress, or a clumsy animal's demise- falling down hundreds of feet to the valley below. An abundance of elk herds feasts on the fields of grass along with snarky mountain goats, pronghorn deer, and a plethoric variety of other Cervidae. The only natural predator here is the esteemed grizzly bears.

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