The Northern area where Sirius’ Tracks can be found.

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Probably the coldest sandy desert. The rocks here are made of solid, frozen, peaks of red sand that harbours a dusting of snow here and there. For tender paws, the frozen sand can cut paws and pads, but for those who are native to this region, their hardened paws are unbothered by the cold or sharp edges. Bactrian camels often roam here, knowing all the secrets where food and water can be found in such a desolate looking place.

Apostles Gate

Surrounded by redwood, oak, birch, maple, and even pine trees, a serene land is painted to those who cross here. Plentiful in its bounty, streams cross the land and harbor a large herd. Within the depths is the king of them all. On occasion, one may see the grand ruler, a large-standing elk, who guards the sacred forest.

Applecrest Grove

This woodland is densely scattered with apple orchids and various wisteria trees all throughout. When spring comes, the beauty of the flowering apple trees and the blooming wisteria create quite a captivating sight.

Ciudad Muerta

Sitting at the edge of wastelands lies an abandoned mining town. Whatever was mined in the shafts dug into the sides of the hills isn't known. The town itself is littered with lop-sided wooden buildings, including a two-story saloon with a veranda. An old well marks the beginning of the town, long dried up and notable only for the amount of rust collected on the bucket that hangs above. Beyond the central area are littered country homes with who knows what lying dusted and decrepit within.

Golden Glade

Within the meadows lays a scattering woodland. Oaks and hedges cover the open fields, sheltering their inhabitants. The territory's true beauty shines when the sun rises and lowers; golden hour bathes the land in a gleaming glow. With its stunning sights and plentiful prey, this territory is a haven for those who stay.

Hvitske Veils

Those who travel often will find respite in the Veils; so named for the never-summer, evergreen-held falls that fold over themselves, always, in great white rushes. Almost always can wanderers can find their way into the caves behind the frozen shelves and explore the depths beyond.


A forest truly unlike any previously encountered. Locked in what seems like permanent autumn, the trees here are forever a deep crimson red. This red wash over the world leaves any passerby with an uneasy feeling as if for some reason nature is not the true reason for the red leaves. Some claim that any that enter Ichorwood are lost to it and after they succumb, the trees themselves grow ever brighter with that sickly hue. Do you dare enter to find the truth?


A mountain rises up through fog and mist, its true height masked by a thick, towering forest along its base. At a glance, Morðfjall seems like an impenetrable fortress. While home to many features that make it appealing, its most outstanding hallmark is a shorn-off rock wall—the remnants of a rockslide from centuries ago—that remains a pitfall for the unenlightened and unaware.

Permafrost Lake

A lake that has been frozen for centuries. The lake is deep and clear enough that in certain areas one can easily see the fish below the ice freely swimming in deeper waters. The ice is thick and only becomes dangerous to tread on during the warmer summer months when it may break through.


A standard foothill-riparian forest on first glance, the forest's name comes from mispronunciation of the Latin word ripa, meaning riverbank. The name takes on an unintentional second meaning as one travels through the riparian forest; all of the trees here, regardless of lineage or age, produce sap that is blood-red in hue, giving the forest the appearance of a creature ripped open.

Sirius’ Tracks

Amongst over grown plains and desert, a blatant scar lingers on the surface. Though they no longer appear functional and have become overgrown, the remains of wooden train tracks cut through the area. Sometimes at night there have been reports of a faint rumbling and loud whistle lingering in the distance, but the source has never been seen. Any attempts to leave territorial indication here seems to disappear...

Sleeping Doe's Range

Often do herds wander into these golden open plains, relishing in the sun on cloudless days to nap in groups. Within the plains, celosia argentea flowers can be found, a spot of vibrancy to the otherwise rather dull area. It's delectable to ungulates who often will snack on these colorful flowers.

The Eye of Osiris

Deep within desert dunes, once one has gone far enough to send prayers to the heavens for forgiveness for their folly, rises up the stark relief of what one might call a mountain, steep walls curling to circle around and caress a shadowy land in its sweet embrace. Within that eye of stone is a stone pupil, sheltering the entrance into an age-old underground temple.

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