A community free of violence, with no alliances to offer an unbias viewpoint for its members. Asclepius seeks to teach and heal, with a focus on non-physical skill sets. Guards and Hunters exist to support the pack, and anyone at the border is met with questions - not violence. We will never have official alliances with other packs, due to seeking an unbias and open concept.

This pack has disbanded.


Founded 2023/01/07
Acronym: AS
Alignment: True Neutral

No Alliances Currently
No Caution Currently
No Interns Currently

Asclepius has begun to form! Keep watch for an official claim as we knock out points. The pack page is still being worked on. Aside from the Founding Four, we welcome Charlie the Cat! It is safe to assume others in the Plains are aware of us. Please meet visitors with cautious friendliness.

About Asclepius
We seek to be a community, not a pack. Respect is earned universally, with no formalities attached to rank. While it is kind to be courteous, we do not expect everyone to get along. Asclepius houses peaceful and relaxed individuals, who seek not violence nor hostility. We welcome victims of such untoward behavior but will be fast to chase known abusers away.

Asclepius has a high focus on healing and mental health. We focus less on physical skills (fighting, hunting, etc.) and more on the mind. While anyone archetype is welcome, there is little room to rank climb if you support these fields. Guards exist to protect our populace, with Hunters and Scouts keeping track of anything outside the Glade and supplying caches.

While we offer studies in any field, you are free to just vibe and be part of the community.
Rules & Regulations





Leader Ranks
Mender — leader & lead healer
Assistant — second in command
Councilor - advisor role. two slots.

Special Ranks
Oathkeeper - top healers
Custodian - lead security force
Groundskeeper(s) lead scout and lead hunter

Basic Ranks
Dove - non-physical skilled members, reports to Mender
Tinkerer - unranked member of the pack, reports to Assistant
Caretaker - guardsmen, reports to Custodian
Cultivator - hunters and scouts, reports to Groundskeepers
Tradesmen - skilled in other ways, reports to Councilors

Beginner Ranks
Confidant - mentors in any skill, focused on teaching
Student - young or old wolves that wish to learn specific skills
Practitioner - uncertain students, not focused on a specific skill set
Intern - tuition students from another pack

Misc Rank
Affiliate - creature rank

Mender Baelfire
Assistant N/A
Councilor(s) N/A & N/A

Special Ranks
Oathkeeper(s) N/A
Custodian n/a
Groundskeeper(s) n/a & n/a

Basic Ranks
Caretaker Absinthe
Cultivator Fennec

Beginner Ranks
Student Galatea
Practitioner Aniketos

Misc Ranks
Affiliate Charlie


03-22-2023 Asclepius was disbanded by zina
01-08-2023 Asclepius was approved by Aso
01-08-2023 Asclepius was submitted by Baelfire

Point Logs

Submitted Awarded
+0 submitted by Baelfire 01-15-2023 Awarded by Aso 03-22-2023
+0 submitted by Baelfire 01-14-2023 Awarded by Aso 03-22-2023
+5 submitted by Baelfire 01-12-2023 Awarded by Aso 01-12-2023
+3 submitted by Baelfire 01-08-2023 Awarded by Aso 01-08-2023
+4 submitted by Baelfire 01-08-2023 Awarded by Aso 01-08-2023
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