The Fujiwara Dynasty

The Fujiwara Dynasty is an Empire-themed pack that takes inspiration from the cultures of ancient Japan and is ruled by a family of the same surname. Being a resurrection of the conquered Fujiwara Clan, the Dynasty is meant to provide a safe haven for both those belonging to the family and lost souls who wish to seek a new purpose in a world believed to be the afterlife.

The Fujiwara Dynasty
Forming Members:
Located in The Cosmic Isle

The Cosmic Isle

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"From the ashes of yesterday's tragedies, we will rise again."

Alignment: True Neutral/Neutral Good
Current Leadership

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Meishu - Izumi Fujiwara

Kunshu - N/A

Daimyo - N/A

Pack Relations



Territory: The Cosmic Isle


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The Red-crowned crane; a bird native, yet rare, in Izumi's homeland. A delicate creature that symbolizes fortune and longevity. The Wisteria; trees that surrounded the lands Izumi grew up in. Grand and powerful in their presence, they symbolize immortality -- and finally, the Lotus; a fragrant water flower that brings tranquility to the mind. In their beauty, growing in even the murkiest of waters, they symbolize the idea of self-regeneration and rebirth.

Ranking System
Ranks are shuffled every month and promotions primarily revolve around activity and achievements. To see current rank positions, click "Official Rank Standings".

Leadership of the entire pack, led by the Emperor & Empress. Those entrusted with making major decisions for the greater good of the dynasty including territory, allyship, hunting grounds, war, ect. Challenges for these ranks are only accepted from direct bloodline.

(盟主) Meishu [2] - The "Emperor", "Empress", or both if there is a mated pair. Equivalent to the “Alpha” of a pack.

(君主) Kunshu [1] - The "Monarch"; trusted individuals who are chosen by leaders to be second-in-command so that leadership is enforced. Equivalent to a “Beta.”

(第みょ) Daimyo [1] - The “War General” -- handpicked to be third-in-command as both a skilled fighter and responsible leader. Trains and leads the entirety of the pack's military, including the Samurai which guards royalty.

Direct bloodline belonging to leadership, which includes their children/heirs and mates. All start out as Kazōku, but have the opportunity to rise to the title of Shishaku or even Kōshaku on the basis of trust and activity within the pack. Only relatives of the Emperor & Empress are allowed within the Shishaku/Kōshaku ranks, however.

(王子) Ōji / (王女) Ōjo - The son/daughter (“prince” and “princess”) of the Emperor and Empress and official heir(s) to the throne.

(公爵) Kōshaku [2] - "Duke" or "Dutchess"; both if there is a married couple. Second-closest in line for the throne.

(伯爵) Hakushaku [2] - "Viscount" or "Viscountess"; both if there is a married couple. Third-closest in line for the throne.

(子爵) Shishaku [2] - Earl" or "Countess"; both if there is a married couple. Third-closest in line for the throne.

(和子) Kazōku - Family members of Leadership.

(ロイ) Roi - Royal pups; less than a year old and are usually children belonging to members of the Imperial Family.

Not belonging to direct Fujiwaraian descent, but are honored among Royalty and the pack itself for their skill sets and achievements, and have thus achieved the title of nobles among the pack.

(武士) Samurai - Tier I of the Army; Royal guards of Leadership and the Imperial family. Though part of the military, they are to be treated as Nobles for their hard work and dedication to protecting their pack. Samurai are usually a step up from the Rōnin because they have proven themselves capable enough in the eyes of leadership to protect the family.

(助) Suke - "Lady-in-Waitng" or "Gentleman-in-Waiting". Wolves that are trusted to be direct assistants, scouts and guides to the Emperor, Empress, Prince and Princesses. They are tasked with things such as sending messages to other packs, or even teaching young heirs and guiding them to become royalty one day. Each is assigned one and usually stick with them for life.

(神主) Kannushi [1] - The Pack's Priest/Priestess. They act as counselors, peacemakers, and spiritual leaders – In charge of keeping peace between members and aiding in packs conflicts. They are also in charge of lifting the spirits of others through difficult times.

(医師) Ishi [1] - "Shaman" or the lead physician of the pack. While treating sick and injured wolves is their main job, they are also in charge of monitoring the overall health status of the pack and reporting it to the Emperor/Empress.

(先生) Sensei - Wolves who have mastered one or more of their practiced skillsets. Within the academy, they are trusted as teachers and guides for others.

To further ensure the pack is protected from any outside threats, wolves of militant strength are gathered together to form an army. The Dynasty's military is led and trained by the Daimyo, and those training for paladin within the military are automatically placed here. There are three official tiers within the Military on a basis of strength and skill, with the first tier being within noble ranking.

(浪人) Rōnin - Tier II of the Army; through training, they have been deemed skilled and agile enough to fight in major battles and help train the Hohei. Usually the most populated rank within the army, as only a few are picked as skilled enough to reach Tier I.

(歩兵) Hohei - Tier III of the Army; the starting rank within the army made up of mostly beginners primarily trusted with small scale things like border patrols as they are still in the initiation phase and require more training.

Subordinates; the heart and soul of the pack. Newer members start off here, and become official members given time.

(精神) Seshin - Trusted subordinates of the pack who have decided to make permanent residence. These are usually wolves who have graduated from the Mikeiken rank after being around for a month.

(未経験) Mikeiken - Newest members of the pack, or those simply seeking shelter among their ranks. They are not considered "official" members until they have been around for at least a month.

(蕾) Tsubomi - "Flower bud" - The pups/children of the pack. 0-11 months old and will be promoted to Seshin at the age of 1 year.

Criminals within the pack that serve time for committing crimes towards their members.

(避けた) Saketa - "The Shunned" - Prisoners, usually from outside of the pack, that are being held captive and made to do work for committing crimes against/ruining peace amongst the pack.

For those who wish to learn something new or hone their current knowledge into something far greater, the dynasty offers different academy branches divided into three categories for a given set of skills that represent the balances of the spirit. Each category is taught among its academy members. These ranks are unofficial as they do not affect your standing in the pack and anyone is allowed to join.

Ha To Tsume
(Tooth & Claw)
[Image: Picsart_22-01-07_19-26-23-149.png]
To use one's might and strength in order to protect and provide for their pack. Members of this division work on their Hunter and Paladin skills.
[Image: Picsart_22-01-07_19-07-24-902.png]
To put one’s care into uplifting the souls which surround them and entertaining the idea of what lies beyond. Members of this division work on their Visionary and Entertainment skills.
[Image: Picsart_22-01-07_18-30-06-469.png]
To use one’s empathy and passion to care for the wolves and earth around them. Members of this division work on their Medic and Ecologist skills

Botanic Shores

On the edge of the seaside where sand meets the forest's edge is a flourishing field of painted flowers and berry bushes. The meadow is fragrant with the sweet scents of flowers and small fruit -- a good spot to visit for relaxation, or to gather different seasonal herbs and plants. Just be mindful of the occasional thorn bush.

The Crag

Not every shore is met with sand, as this one seems to zigzag across the edge with eroded rock mounds, sculpted by the water that had been crashing against it for years. Several ledges are lined amongst this rocky shore, making it the perfect destination for stargazing or simply observing the ocean.

Ryūjin's Maw

Enter the Isel's cavern system and you will enter the jaws of the dragon king himself. Ryūjin's maw is a cove-like area surrounded by large walls of rock that circle outwards, cupping a secret piece of sea-side like an open roof cave. Many crabs dwell amongst these usually hidden shores, so watch your step if you don't want to get pinched!

Saltine Springs

Surrounded by rock, a pool of heated ocean water lies dormant near the coast. Wolves may often come here to bathe/groom or simply relax. Whether it be inside the pool, or the surrounding area where the steam comes out its surface -- a nice place to warm up.

Pigeon Mound

A mound of large, smoothed-over sea rocks that strange-looking flightless birds come to rest upon for socializing amongst each other, sunbathing and the sorts. They are loud and often gather in large groups, which makes them quite the reliable prey item on a bad day. If they haven't seen you and decide to slide back into the waters, that is.

Mt. Shizu

In the middle of the dense forests lies an inactive volcano that hasn't erupted in centuries. The only sound released from its height is the sound of smoke that exits its summit -- forever may she stand in quietness, which is what her name entails. (Shizukesa/静けさ = Silent)


Named 'Ghost'/'Haunted' for a reason. The eerie structure sits not too far outland and is forever stuck in time while rotting away at the seams. Overtaken by algae and other dwelling sea creatures, rumor has it that you can hear the whispers of unknown spirits when you wander too close at night.

Rolling Hills

Within the forest lies a large, open plain of rolling hills -- where pink wildflowers give color amongst the green, herds of wild cattle graze and burrowing mammals linger. The area is a hunting hotspot, though it is safer to hunt larger mammals in groups. Male cattle are equipped with large horns and can be quite protective/aggressive when threatened.

Siren's Rock

Siren's Rock is a collection of tide pools that become visible only when the tide goes down, revealing an ecosystem of all sorts of colorful critters and creepy crawlies. When the tide goes up, however, the stars of the show are the rocks themselves, which go out into the ocean in strange bridge-like formations. Alternate image.


Lol densite go brrr.

Emerald Cascade



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