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Juh'harah is a pack that focuses on the continual practice of the old wolf ways and strongly turns its back on anything deemed modern; religion, the acceptance of non-canines into the pack, and clothing. The old wolf ways prioritize family, both blood and found, a deep respect for nature, and the focus on rearing children to one day be wolves as loyal to the pack's beliefs as their caregivers. At its core, Juh'harah is a pack for those of neutral nature, they're a people who are neither heroes nor villains and prefer their solitude greatly; scarcely aligning with neighbors, and rarely involving themselves in matters outside of the pack.

Above all, Juh'harah is seen as a refuge, and anyone looking to find purpose will have it offered in abundance.

Forming Members:


j-uh-are-ah (of group name)
Founded 11/20/2022
Acronym: JR

Herolm | M'Jakuna
Empyrean — Unknown
Dragonford Isles — Unknown
Northfall — Unknown
Highvalley — Uknown
Elysium — Uknown
Stormrift — Uknown


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01-03-2023 Juh'harah was updated by Aso
01-03-2023 Juh'harah was updated by Aso
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Point Logs

Submitted Awarded
+1 submitted by M’Jakuna 01-08-2023 Awarded by Aso 01-09-2023
+4 submitted by M’Jakuna 01-07-2023 Awarded by Aso 01-08-2023
+3 submitted by M’Jakuna 11-23-2022 Awarded by Aso 11-29-2022
+4 submitted by Meresankh 11-20-2022 Awarded by gerra 11-22-2022
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