What Duskguard values above all else is the peace and protection found in each other's trust, the security that only comes from true strength in leadership & numbers, and the trust of vetted & proven packmates. Duskguard sees that strength comes in all forms, and believes that all parts of the pack must be seen as vital in order to thrive. Bonded like blood, the wolves of Duskguard believe strongly in the collective strength over individual freedoms. There is strong support for everyone’s realm of expertise and pack members are encouraged to train and dedicate themselves to their skills. The pack sees all things in shades of grays and aims to incorporate this value through all state administration & judicial representation. Above all, Duskguard believes in extreme loyalty and honor that can only be earned through time and tested trials.

"When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives"

Located in Frostfang Vale

Frostfang Vale

Within the north, there is a wall of mountains that form a fearsome guard against the hidden secrets within. A crescent of ridges, concaving inside to a haven of a forest that is like a sanctuary, for any who venture in.


Olive Group Admin
Kuhn Creature
Tiberius Group Admin
Soledad NPC
Genghis Creature
Serena NPC
Lounatuuli NPC Creature
Ookpik NPC Creature
Arcane Creature
Meatloaf Creature
Lasagna Creature


"It's time for you to look inward and start asking yourself the big question: who are you and what do you want?"

'Pack News'
November 2022Navrose gets welcomed into the ranks of Duskguard.

October 2022Tiberius sees an old foe too close to Frostfang Vale and upon her disregarding his warning to not approach and not engage in a fight, she presses closer. Tiberius returns the challenge but Vera manages to cause serious damage to his face, mangling him further. The Chieftain has inflicted his own damage but none quite like his own. Vera is considered a hostile wolf to those of Duskguard -- do not engage as a regular member. Guards will be encouraged to ward her off and inform the Chieftain.

Permafrost Lake is considered "hunting grounds" of Duskguard and it has began to be unofficially claimed.

Olive, Kuhn, Soledad and Dalmatia have set off to Elsewhen to represent Duskguard in the Northern Court as Vendrussel of Dragonford gets put to the stand for the death of Ynness, a once-child of Ragnar Stormborn of Northfall.

Duskguard welcomes Serena, the long-lost sister of the High Priestess Olive to their ranks.

September 2022 - Aries is reunited with her younger sister Wren who was brought into Duskguard by Genghis, after finding his adopted tiger child trying to practice hunting on the skittish yearling. 

welcomes the once-dead father that he had never known into the Vale as they begin to navigate the strange but exciting new opportunity presented to them. Draven is a welcome wolf in the Vale and for the moment, he has chosen to stay. 

Duskguard welcomed four new members. Soledad, a fiery woman, Torben a devoted man, Zion, a tiger cub who has taken a shining to Duskguard's most loyal guard, Genghis and Eileithyia, a child who appeared within the Vale and has been adopted by Tiberius and Olive to raise alongside their four girls.
Duskguard has finalised and secured their alliance with Elysium as Tiberius ventures from the Vale to Fate's Respite, there he talks business and pleasure with Valeska, High Priestess of Elysium.

Tiberius approaches and speaks to Sorina, Lady Paramount of the pack Haldis. They speak about Pack business.

August 2022 - Duskguard welcomes Ludvík, an open-minded man new to Canis, to their ranks.

Duskguard suffers their first loss, as Rin, one of their founding members finds her untimely death from an accidental slip from one of their guarding mountains.

July 2022 - Duskguard welcomes Aries, a charming and bright woman to their ranks.
Duskguard welcomes their first litter. Olive has given birth to four girls; Tiberri, Dalmatia, Aurelia & Euphemia.

June 2022 -

May 2022 - Tiberius meets Genghis as they hide out from a blizzard, in this meeting Genghis agrees to join Tiberius and Olive's plight for a Pack and home.Rin and Olive's adopted son Archon join them and Duskguard is created 23/05/2022.

October 2021- Tiberius meets Olive alongside a frozen riverbank where he is breaking the ice to get to the water. This is where it all began and where the story of love, betrayal, hurt, comfort, grief, affection, warmth and adventure takes off.

Acronym: DG
Founded: 23/05/2022
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Skill: Values All

9 · 6 · 0
14 Adults · 8 Pups
1 Births · 1 Deaths

The High Council
Imperial | Chieftain, Tiberius
Gravitas | Commander, N/A
Dignitas | Advisor, N/A
Veritas | Priestess, Olive

The Five Columns

Imperial | Arbitration
Gravitas | Defenses
Dignitas | Packhood
Veritas | Guidance
Asperitas | Unproven 

Elysium, Northfall

Vanderfell Woods



Founding Philosophies
Philosophy: Verum Vocatio
— Earned loyalty & power through dedication
Philosophy: Sociis in Excellentiam
— Excellence to one’s craft
Philosophy: Scalpendi Terga
— The whole cannot thrive w/o the individual


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Point Logs

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