Demonia Empire

All Chaotic Neutral and Chaotic Evil Characters can find a home here; So long as they Obey their Viscountess.

Work Hard, Play Harder is the theme here. While the Citizens are often lacking morals they work hard for their home, but they play even harder. Indulging in what many may consider evil and wrong.

Demonia Empire
Forming Members:

 Demonia Empire

  A 3-3-3 Rated Pack for Mature Content such as Mild Gore, Oppression, Abuse, SA, Graphic Violence, Graphic Sexuality, ETC.
  Founders: Reign, Mentu, Sati, Aerys

De - Monie - uh  
Founded ( 5 / 11 / 2022 )
Acronym: DE

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 All Chaotic Neutral and Chaotic Evil Characters can find a home here; So long as they Obey their Viscountess. 

Work Hard, Play Harder is the theme here. While the Citizens are often lacking morals they work hard for their home, but they play even harder. Indulging in what many may consider evil and wrong.

The Viscountess
[Image: bEAvXe4.png]
 Reign Saxe is the Viscountess of The Demonia Empire. She is the Final Authority within Demonia. Her Word Is Law.

Pack Location
The Hireath ; Discord Poll decided to discover a whole new location for the pack later on.

Pack Beliefs and Ideals
Upon Joining Demonia its clear to see that there is Blood Superiority Belief. Any Citizen containing Saxe blood is Immediately seen as superior by the Viscountess and Likely other Saxe Family Members. 

However, Saxe blood will only carry you so far within Demonia. Because The Viscountess believes in proving ones worth in her eyes. In Example; Proving you Deserve to Be a member of the Empire, Proving your loyalty, Proving your skills, Even proving you deserve to merge your bloodline with the Saxe lineage.

Thus, Someone without Saxe blood running in their veins could easily make a name for themselves within the Empire.

Pack Traditions
 Major Traditions   
  • The Gauntlet
  • Blood Rites
  • Arranged Marriages
  • The Bear Pit
 Minor Traditions
  • Empire Citizen's Births
  • The Full Moon Sacrifice
  • The Runt Removals
  • Incest Litters

The Gauntlet is to be run by Demonia Prospects who seek to join The Empire on their own, or by a prospect with an invitation by a Council Member. Prospects hand invited to join the Empire by the Viscountess may Skip this Tradition.

The Blood Rites:
  • All new Citizens MUST Participate in the welcoming Blood Rite: The Welcoming; Where they will mix their blood with the Viscountess' and Receive Citizenship and a formal job title.
  • Anyone seeking a Favor from the Viscountess Must offer her some of their blood before asking for their favor.
  • Empire born Youth who are coming of age to join the working Citizen Rank must first participate in a 3 day trial of their skills, and then participate in a blood ritual of their own Called; Aumna. Where they will mix their blood with the Viscountess and be appointed their job based of their skills.
Arranged Marriages are often used as source of trade, But they are seen as a great honor in Demonia. 
The Bear Pit; it is often used as a test for Disobedient Sidi once a month; However its also a huge "sporting" event withing the Empire. Many will bring their children to Watch the Sidi and Dishonored members fight for their lives.


Births are considered an Honor, any citizen giving birth receives a party to welcome their young. Because growing the empire is seen as such an honor it is expected to at the very least stop into the party and thank the birth giver for their gift to the empire. The only exception to not showing up is if your off on a job appointed by the Viscountess or council at the time of the party.  Gifts are not Required but highly recommended for the Birth giver.

The Full Moon Sacrifice does not always mean Death, But on the Full moon Citizens who have not been acting in the best interest of the Empire, or Haven't been Actively participating in the Empire (Players who have let Teegan know they are on Hiatus are safe from this)  May offer up a Sidi to the Viscountess, Arrange a Marriage, Sacrifice their First born, or offer up their life either to life as a Sidi, or to Death as repentance. 

The Runt Removals are a minor tradition because it is not heavily enforced but is still practiced often within the Empire. The Runt Removals consist of Killing the runt of each litter or tossing it to a sidi to raise. As runts are often viewed as weaker, Most that participate in the runt removals often do it within the first few hours to days after a litter is born, but others sometimes wait a few weeks to see if it has any potential. 

Incest is practiced by some Citizens here, and is heavily encouraged by the Viscountess because the litter produced from these pairs are believed to be stronger and to keep a family line pure. Any litters born from an incestuous pairings will often receive an invitation to birth the litter in the Presence of the Viscountess so that she may offer a blessing to the family.

Laws and Punishments
  • Sidi are to follow all directions given to them by citizens. The only time Disobedience is tolerated if is the Sidi has a specific owner, or in the case that a high ranking member (Council member or Viscountess) give the sidi a command personally owned or not.
- punishments for disobedience can consist of Facing the Bear Pit, Maiming, Death, Etc. at the discretion of the owner or disobeyed party. 
  • Arranged Marriage agreements are to be respected. Improperly broken arrangements allow for the disrespected party to rightfully maim or claim as a sidi the offender. Only the Viscountess can improperly break an arranged marriage for one of the intended. 
- The proper way to break an arrangement is to meet with the other party and have both sides agree, if they can not, the council can be asked to decide if the marriage will or will not take place.  If one of the intended refuses the marriage they are subject to be maimed or claimed as a sidi, unless they have preformed a blood rite and asked the Viscountess to break the arrangement on their behalf. 
  • All Trespassers are to be given three options; Execution, Enslavement, or Face The Gauntlet. Should they choose Enslavement or The Gauntlet then they are to be brought before the Viscountess immediately for Judgment. ( Not all that opt run the gauntlet pass Reign's Judgment, if The Viscountess decides so they could end up as Sidi instead)
- Any Citizen who fails to bring the trespasser(s) to the viscountess, or has knowledge and fails to report the Citizen that failed to bring the trespasser(s) to the viscountess is subject to facing the Bear Pit with judgment after should they survive or Death.
! More Laws and Punishments Can and Will be added as Needed IC !

The Hierarchy
  • The Viscount / The Viscountess
  • The Council
  • The Heir
  • The Citizens
  • The Youth
  • Sidi
  • Sidi Youth
The Viscountess / Viscount: The Ruler, They are the final Authority within the Pack. They often meet with their Council to ensure the Empire is thriving. 
The Council: The Council is made of the Respected Leaders of each job within the Empire that ensures That Demonia is Thriving. They often hold meetings to advise the Viscountess/Viscount. they are respected members of the Empire and have Some Authority over The general population.
The Heir: A child of the viscount/ Viscountess that will take over the Empire, Often Chosen out of three siblings, the council votes in the Heir. 
Citizens: the general population within the empire. 
The Youth: Children born to Citizen parentage, Council Parentage, or Viscount/Viscountess Parentage. 
Sidi: Those who have been marker or claimed. They lost their rights and freedom to a specific person or the empire as a whole. 
Sidi Youth: Children born to a sidi Parent, even if the other parent is a Citizen or Higher Ranking Citizen. (Children are the only Sidi who are Capable of raising station to Citizen, and its at the Viscount/ Viscountess' discretion and rare)
The Council
Lead Ambassador 
Lead Executioner
Lead Huntsman
Lead Warrior
Lead Medic
Lead Spy
To make things easier on Pack Admins, All General Members of the Pack will be listed as a Citizen. but under their Names we shall add their job titles.  

And above you can see the Jobs available within Demonia Currently. If we think of more we will add them and offer IC jo transfer potentials. And The Council will Grow with the New Jobs. 

          Empire Population
  • The Viscountess
  • + Reign
  • The Council
  • The Heir
  • The Citizens
  • + Mentu
  • + Sati
  • The Youth
  • Sidi+ Aerys
  • Sidi Youth

If you are interested please Dm me @Teegan or on Discord; Goblin Queen


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