Enemies of The Sheep

A rag tag group who sticks together for the sheer convenience and lack of interest or ability to join anywhere else. The bar to joining their ranks is low other than just doing the bare minimum to participate (hunting, protecting borders). Promotions are only obtained by challenging those of a higher rank and winning. We are simple, we are fiery, fuck with us and you'll get burned.

Enemies of The Sheep
Forming Members:

"fuck you that's why"

Acronym: EOTS
Founded: 05/05/2022
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
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Pack Relations
 Allies: None
 Neutral: None
 Hostile: None

Current Leaders
 Alpha: Hothieriel 05/05/2022
 Beta: Pike 05/05/2022
 Gamma: Tennessee 05/05/2022
 Delta: Stjörnuáti 05/05/2022
Past Leaders


— The Alpha has the final say.

— Every rank has only 1 position in it, and if there are any ranks above, you, that individual has more say than you do.

— Trespassers are to be treated with hostility.

— Ranks are handed out as the highest available.

— To rank up, one must fight the rank above you. You cannot skip multiple ranks unless its to fight the Alpha.

— To challenge the Alpha you must be at least Epsilon or higher.
Potential punishments are as follows
Level one: Demotion. You'll be placed at the rank the current Alpha sees fit and everyone else above you will rank up.

Level two: Demoted to Mutton Muncher (Omega) and must fight their way back up to the top.

Level three: Depending on the severity, could either be permanently exiled or ordered to death on sight.


The ranks are named after Greek Numerals; Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Digamma, Zeta, Eta, Theta, Iota, Kappa, Lambda, Mu, Nu, Xi, Omicron, Pi, Koppa, Rho, Sigma, Tau, Upsilon, Phi, Chi, and Omega who is also known as Mutton Muncher. Creatures are given the honorary rank of "Associate".

There is a maximum of 25 members. If anyone else wishes to join, or too many members, only the strongest ones get to stay. Yes this means fighting someone in the lower ranks to take their place. If the Alpha doesn't like you, you don't get to challenge. If the pack is full, come back another time if you don't want to fight or can't win.

"But I'm the Alpha's pup!" I hear you say, then you should be most capable of fighting to keep your spot huh?

Note: The max numbers may change once the ranking system of Canis has been implemented along with any following changes to how packs are sustained on site.
Current Standings
Alpha - Hothieriel
Beta - Pike
Gamma - Tennessee
Delta- Stjörnuáti
Epsilon - Lore
Digamma - Morrigan


Only those in the following ranks may breed:
 Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Digamma, Zeta, Eta, Theta, Iota, Kappa, and Lambda

If one is caught fathering a litter who is not in the appropriate ranks, they will be castrated. If a mother giving birth is not in the appropriate ranks, the litter will be killed.

To prevent taking advantage of pregnant females and risk losing the litter challenges to females who are over 20 days along in their pregnancies cannot be challenged. Unless the player of the soon-to-be mother character agrees to the challenge and potentially losing her litter from stress or injuries, any challenges to said character is not allowed. This also allows females to rank up in order to safely give birth, or not lose their rank and potentially lose their litter when they are about to give birth.

Ranking up while pregnant should only be used in order to save your litter and obtain the minimum rank necessary to safely give birth. This is not a loophole to take advantage of by challenging and ranking up as far as one can go without being challenged for the above reasons.


The only way to be promoted is by challenging someone of the rank above you. This means, that if you are an Omicron, you can only challenge Xi for their rank. This prevents people from immediately joining the pack and aiming for the highest ranks.

To challenge for the Alpha position, only those who are Epsilon or higher may try to overthrow the current Alpha. This prevents newer members from joining and is immediately challenging for the Alpha position.

Challenge Cooldown: Everyone who has currently gone through a rank challenge, must wait at least a month before challenging again. This is to prevent spamming and exhausting your opponent for their rank. The only exception is should someone who claims Alpha is highly disliked by most of the pack members, may be challenged as soon as they take the rank of Alpha.


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