The wolves of Northfall claim the snowy mountainous region for which they are named after. Visitors are met with an overall rugged and hardy group of wolves who are accustomed to life on the terrain of equal measure. To live in Northfall requires a sheer-footed wolf with thick skin and a strong heart. These wolves are a closely bound group founded on blood ties, who are accepting of those who can prove just as driven, courageous and loyal.


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Rock, Sea, Salt & Snow

founded: 11.1.21
acronym: NF
inspirations: GOT Night's Watch & Wildlings, Nords of Skyrim, Vikings & Norse Mythology.
pack colors:

Theme Music
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current leaders: Ragnar
founding leader: Ragnar
former leaders: n/a

pack relations:
allies: Elysium & Duskguard
neutral: Everyone else 
enemies: Dragonford Isles
Major Events
9.13.22 Eirene is no longer among the living, having been found dead in the mountains after tripping and falling off a cliff. 
8.28.22 The former god, Ghidorah, has returned to Northfall, ready for war!
7.13.22 Freya has given birth to the latest litter of NF pups, welcoming 8 more "Stormborns"!
7.10.22 Welcome Hank to the ranks!
7.7.22 A pack meeting has been called about the possibility of war.
7.4.22 After being kidnapped by wild boars, Serenity gives birth to five pups yet only one survives from a horrible slaughter. 

— All older events are listed on the gdoc

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The Superiors
King: Ragnar
Regent: Sindri

The Royal Court
War Lord:
Prime Caregiver:
Head Huntsman:
High Priest/ess:

The Honored
Guides: Freya
Sentries: GhidorahEinar, Hank
Medics: Aarkron
Watchers: KrakarakLóki
Mystics: Aslaug

The Granted
Members: ElentariValmúa, Chantico, Serenity, Oryx
Apprentices: Leviathan, Amata, OksanaPrimrose
Whelps: Kailani, Callista, Hvitserk, Alva, SylviRagnhildrAriadne, Skathi, Elysia, Sigrid

— For explanation of ranks, please see the gdoc

Pack Basics & Principles

One must have strength in yourself, pride for your home and loyalty to your people.
As its founders come from a place of worship, they believe in what is called 'The Gods of Old' as well as Norse Gods. Being adventurers, they have also come to know of other religions. You are not required to believe, but should not mock one's belief either. If desperate times require, a sacrifice may be made to the Gods and we wouldn't want you to be that sacrifice, would we?
Much if Northfall holds a Viking-like lifestyle, including its King. Wolves of Northfall have freedom of exploration and travel. It is not uncommon for members to be gone days, weeks, or even sometimes month at a time. Vikings should bring back goods, gifts or even new members to their pack to help build & prosper. 

Honored & Granted are unlimited positions. Royal Court may only have one wolf for each position/title as these are the Leaders of that trade. The determining factor if more than one desires the rank at the same time is through ic activity, longevity, and/or ic challenges.

At six months pups can (and should) begin being trained by specialists in each field of skill set. It is usual to practice each for one month so when one reaches a year, they have learned the basics of all trades to survive on their own when they disperse or to begin mastering the chosen art within the pack. This can be done icly for character development or BTS teachings.

We fear no death, for Valhalla awaits the strong and bold. 
There is little room for weak wolves in Northfall. One must be strong- be it minded or physically. Everyone is expected to pull their weight in the north or when hard times strike, you'll be 'voted off the island' or eaten for survival purposes. Who knows.

Do not harm your fellow packmate or ally. If there is a disagreement it must be handled civilly or the issue given to the Leaders to decide. This does not include dominance fights and spats. Have at it. Royal Court challenges may be made but the Superiors have the right to veto this. Challenges against the King & Queen happen rarely, though if the majority masses rally against their Leaders, dethroning can occur.

While we may pillage, we do not rape and pillage. While free love and all that is okay, taking someone by force is not. We're classy warmongers over here. If you do it, you'll get your bits bit off. During battle, if a youth submits they are often free to escape or taken as prisoner unless dire circumstances tell otherwise.

How many breedings for pups depends on the stability of the pack. The Superiors have first breeding rights over all, either as a couple or individuals. Members of the Royal Court have secondary right though it is encouraged to make the Superiors aware if pups are to be raised in the pack. All other members must ask for permission from their superiors firstly if they are to be adding pups within the ranks.


01-10-2022 Northfall was formed
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